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Yes, the Old Zelko Bistro Is Closed — but a New Restaurant in Bellaire Is on the Way

The rumor mill has been churning ever since a “for lease” sign went up in front of Zelko Bistro, but it wasn’t clear whether or not it was actually doing business in the interim. As confirmed by operating partner Dalia Zelko, it is indeed closed for good now. However, that’s just one step closer to her and chef Jamie Zelko’s forthcoming eatery in Evelyn’s Park in Bellaire.

“We are very thankful to the Heights and to the support we have had over the past 6 years, and are excited for our next chapter in Evelyn’s Park,” said Dalia Zelko in a press release. “We are thrilled to be a part of such a meaningful project that is sure to positively impact this generation and generations to come. We look forward to continuing to immerse ourselves into the Bellaire community.”

The new restaurant will feature all-day service, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and grab-and-go snacks for visitors to the Evelyn’s Park. Jamie Zelko’s emphasis on organic and local ingredients will continue at the new location.

The new place doesn’t have a name quite yet. A committee that includes the Zelkos, Allyson Lack of Principle Design; Evelyn’s Park Conservancy Board members Patricia King-Ritter and Debbie Lapin; and Jerry and Linda Rubenstein are currently sifting through hundreds of possibilities submitted during a recent competition.

The big question for Zelko Bistro’s longtime fans is, of course: when does the new place open? “Weather permitting, it’s estimated to open this winter. Crossing fingers!” said Dalia Zelko. Between opening a new restaurant and the Heights Honeybee Project, the Zelkos are sure to stay busy in the interim.
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