Yoga Fuel: Kraftsmen Garden at Kraftsmen Bakery

Lately my life has been like a country song. My dog needed extensive, expensive surgery; I had to cancel a long-planned trip home to New York; my husband left me on our anniversary. (Don't worry, he's coming back -- just a business trip.) Just as I was wrapping up a tough week, my Internet went down ... for two days. Since I already had been wallowing in self-pity and banana-flavored comfort foods, I signed up for a yoga class and then headed for the nearest café to fuel up, and borrow Wi-Fi. Hey, Kraftsmen Bakery on Montrose! You, and that subsequent 90 minutes of yoga, saved my life!

I have loved the coffee and atmosphere at Kraftsmen since I first moved to Houston, but aside from a bagel, I had never eaten there. With a yoga class looming I had to keep it light: the Kraftsmen Garden sandwich looked just about perfect.

A hearty sandwich was delivered: Tomato, avocado, mixed greens, alfalfa sprouts, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, and Provolone cheese on biologique bread, topped with Dijon mustard--hold the mayo, natch. Red onion isn't listed on the menu, but does come on the sandwich so be aware, raw onion-haters.

The bread is substantial enough to handle the overload of vegetables, making this sandwich a standout. It's hard to find a loaded veggie sandwich with bread that can withstand the weight of the vegetables and the moisture of condiments. Since I don't use mayo I'm not sure how adding it would affect the engineering here -- does it work as a binder, or does it move bread toward a softer texture? Condiments are hard!

My one quibble with the sandwich is, surprisingly, with the cheese. Normally I don't argue about cheese -- just give it to me! -- but deli provolone is usually so mild as to be hard to detect. The raw red onion combined with the tangy Dijon, and smoky roasted red peppers obliterates the flavor of the cheese altogether. I could have saved myself the calories and never known the difference.

One half of this sandwich (and a latte) got me through the three hours of work I needed to do; the other half of the sandwich powered me through my yoga class that night. I'll order the Krafstmen Garden ($7.75) time and again for my pre-yoga fuel routine.

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