Pot Luck

Your Guide to Video Game Cocktails

I tend toward role-playing games, and as a result I often end up in long, Zen-like bouts of level grinding that involve hours of defeating monsters over and over again in order to overpower my team to the point they steamroll over the bosses. It's honestly the happiest I am as a gamer, and it lends itself well to my other favorite non-Doctor Who hobby, booze.

That's me on any given night that I'm not, ironically, writing an article about video games. Just me splayed out on the floor with a Final Fantasy or Xenoblade in front of me a-murdering like I was a flabby white electronic Conan with a drink at my elbow.

So to spice up the adventure some, I like to kick back with some specialty cocktails. Here are my favorite video game-inspired infusions of spirits. Follow the links for the how-tos and what-do-you-dos.

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