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Your Worst Kitchen Nightmare: Gordon Ramsay Coming to Houston

The more tolerable (but only by a sliver) of Gordon Ramsay's "reality" television shows, Kitchen Nightmares, is coming to town. Get your earplugs ready now.

A casting call went out this week from Jen Apploff, casting producer for the show, in search of Houston restaurants that are in dire need of Chef Ramsay's assistance. Per her email:

If you want CHEF GORDON RAMSAY to come into your establishment to troubleshoot your problems and try to get you back on the road to success... Contact us NOW!!!


**Make sure to include:

Your name and contact info (including a phone number), name of your restaurant and your specialty, how many seats you have, and most importantly... Why you need our help!

*Restaurants must have been open at least one year, offer dinner service, and have at least 35 seats.

And although restaurant owners themselves are invited to nominate their own places for consideration (fill out this application and mail it back to KitchenNightmares at, the far more interesting part of Apploff's email was the suggestion that you can suggest a restaurant that you think needs a good fire lit under its ass.

Contact information for those wishing to nominate a restaurant is as follows:

Office Hotline: 866-226-2226 Email: [email protected]

(A Gmail address? Okay, Fox...)

Which Houston restaurant would you nominate, readers? I can certainly think of a few chefs offhand who could use an earful of expletives...

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