Zilla Street Eats

In the past, when occasional Eating Our Words blogger Jason Kerr wasn't dishing up fine French cuisine at Café Rabelais, he was hanging out with his BFF Anthony Bourdain at Jones Hall. Well, now he has a new way to keep himself occupied at night - running a food truck.

The mobile cuisine genre is blowing up fast. Zilla Street Eats is one of those really, really good new offerings. This truck serves up comfort food-type fare with stuff like mac n' cheese, Sriracha cheese steaks and Dr Pepper short ribs. Essentially, this is fantastic stuff to eat after, or while, you enjoy an adult beverage or six. That is why Zilla can be found a few nights a week in the parking lot of Liberty Station (it alternates with the Hubcap Grill truck).

The night I was there, the mustachioed Kerr was just getting the operation cranked up and put the menu out for me to peruse. I chose the Garbage Burger, which comes with hand-cut fries and mac n' cheese plopped right on top. This, folks, was an amazing hamburger. The patty was of medium thickness with a crispy-crunchy crust and a juicy center. It was seasoned to perfection and, believe it or not, the mac n' cheese actually added a lot to the flavor. The fries were everything fresh-cut fries should be -- crisp and salty on the outside, fluffy on the inside. This was one of the best burgers I have ever had, anywhere.

The food truckers now have their own lobby, of sorts, and we hope newcomers look to Zilla as the quality standard.

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Lennie Ambrose