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Astros Finally Go to "Opener" With Injuries to Starting Rotation

6 hours ago by Jeff Balke
A recent trend in pitching in baseball has been the "opener," a starting pitcher that goes maybe an inning or two before handing over the ball to a reliever, who is typically designated as the primary pitcher. It's typically stopgap measure used when a team feels like they have a...

Pre-Sale Tacolandia Tickets Are Here

7 hours ago by Houston Press
Tacolandia, the Houston Press annual celebration of all things taco, is coming this October and you can get ready for it by buying pre-sale tickets which will go on sale at 10 a.m. today. Scheduled for 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at The Water Works at Buffalo Bayou Park, this...

Murder on the Orient Express As You've Never Seen it Before

10 hours ago by Margaret Downing
Why would a theater's new artistic director decide to make his acting debut with an Agatha Christie murder mystery instead of say, something more weighty, more serious? The train. Chalk it up to the singular vision Alley Artistic Director Rob Melrose had for the train and for the kind of...

Six People Most Affected By Texans' Decision Not To Extend Jadeveon Clowney's Contract

10 hours ago by Sean Pendergast
Amid the predictable contractual outcome between the two sides, the saga between the Houston Texans and defensive end/linebacker Jadeveon Clowney took some interesting turns on Monday afternoon.  The 3 p.m. deadline for a new deal came and went, and to the surprise of virtually nobody, the Texans and Clowney did...

Smoked Out: Feges BBQ

11 hours ago by Carlos Brandon
I have been annoyed, perhaps irrationally so, by Feges BBQ since it first opened in early 2018. It is, by all accounts, a beloved, dual-chef-run, locally-owned barbecue joint with the supposed quality and creativity to lead a new generation of Houston smokehouses — and they put it in Greenway F*****g Plaza!...

Reviews For The Easily Distracted:

11 hours ago by Pete Vonder Haar
Title: Crawl Describe This Movie Using One Simpsons Quote: HOMER: Well Lisa, remember that postcard Grandpa sent us from Florida of that alligator biting that woman's bottom? Brief Plot Synopsis: Big lizard in my backyard. And my kitchen. And my basement. Rating Using Random Objects Relevant To The Film: 4 Robert McKluskys out...

Houston By the Neighborhood: New Homes Replace Flea Market in Spring Branch

11 hours ago by Susie Tommaney
What does Spring Branch mean to you? For parents, it's access to an award-winning school district that's worth paying a bit more in property values. For old school Houstonians, it's a region of phenomenal growth that saw tiny West Belt morph into the massive West Sam Houston Parkway/Beltway 8 —...

Comic Erica Rhodes Set to Bring The Funny, Both on NBC and at Rec Room

12 hours ago by Vic Shuttee
"For me, it was a little shocking when I realized it was a competition show! I think I was in denial until the day we got there, and then it got really intense."

50 Years After Apollo 11: Earthrise, A Giant Leap, and Mission Splashdown

12 hours ago by Susie Tommaney
This week we continue our citywide celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. There's tons to see and do, plus discover more events in the first two stories in our series (shown below). This week we've got massive celebrations at Discovery Green, stormtroopers at the Children's...

The Hollywood Stars Shoot to Shine Bright Again

12 hours ago by Bob Ruggiero
Even among the eccentrics and characters of the Los Angeles rock scene in the 1960s and '70s, Kim Fowley stood out. A gadfly, scenester, and attention-drawer, he flitted from role to role as a record producer, band manager, songwriter, and singer/musician who seemed to know everybody and found a niche...

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