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Virus Fighting Words From Turner and Hidalgo: it's Time to Just Stay Home

3 hours ago by Schaefer Edwards
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo both addressed the public on Monday in separate events, during which each leader reiterated their now shared view that a new area stay-home order would be the best bet for reversing the trajectory of COVID-19’s spread throughout the region. In...

Saint Arnold Closes Restaurant For Dine-In

7 hours ago by Lorretta Ruggiero
Saint Arnold Beer Garden and Restaurant, 2000 Lyons, is closing its outdoor dining area to the public due to the Texas State Governor's Office abruptly deciding to restrict certain restaurants' dine-in operations based on their alcohol sales. The new requirement disproportionately affects breweries which also serve food because the new...

Texas Supreme Court Throws Out State GOP Convention Lawsuit

10 hours ago by Schaefer Edwards
In a Monday morning ruling, the Supreme Court of Texas rejected an appeal from the Republican Party of Texas asking the court to allow state Republicans to go forward with their in-person party convention in Houston this week after it had been cancelled by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. Last Thursday,...

Turner Recommends Two-Week Houston Lockdown to Fight COVID-19

13 hours ago by Schaefer Edwards
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner believes it’s time for his city to pump the brakes hard on business as usual and go back to stay-at-home conditions in order to take the fight to COVID-19. On Saturday, Turner proposed that Houston go back into lockdown for two weeks to try and blunt...

Dusty Baker's Comments on MLB Protocols Concerning

14 hours ago by Jeff Balke
Astros Manager Dusty Baker has been around baseball a long time. He has seen more than his fair share of odd situations, but nothing could have prepared him for 2020. Over the weekend, after the Astros had to cancel yet another workout thanks to potential exposure of a staff member...

Can '90s Alt Rockers The Incoherents Get It Together One More Time?

17 hours ago by Bob Ruggiero
Music heads are generally suckers for movies about “Getting the Band Together” or “Getting the Band Back Together.” Titles of varying quality featuring fictional groups run the gamut from Eddie and the Cruisers, That Thing You Do!, and The Commitments to more independent fare like Garage Days and Still Crazy...

This Week in Houston Food Events: Dine Out or In During Houston Black Restaurant Week

17 hours ago by Brooke Viggiano
Though social distancing is in effect and bars are closed for in-house services, the ever-strong Houston food community continues to truck on. This week, you can support black-owned restaurants during Houston Black Restaurant Weeks, All week long Black Restaurant Week With its mission is to feed and fuel the cultural...

COVID First Responders Bare Their Pain in The Line

17 hours ago by Jessica Goldman
A show comprised of real-life interviews with COVID first responders while we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic. Sounds like theatrical redundancy. After all, aren’t we already taken into the belly of the emergency response beast via the embedded journalists, personal essays, and social media videos that document...

Four Thoughts As We Wonder "Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?"

17 hours ago by Sean Pendergast
If we've learned one thing during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's that nothing is going to be easy when it comes to reopening businesses. We know this all too well in the state of Texas. Professional sports leagues are, at their core, businesses, and reopening them has become even more complicated...

Former Houston Police Chief C. O. "Brad" Bradford Has a Few Things to Say About Policing Reform

4 days ago by Margaret Downing
Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the Houston Police Department like many around the country, took several steps away from community education and awareness and toward a much more aggressive policing that placed a premium on enforcement and tactical operations, according to former Houston Police Chief C. S. "Brad" Bradford...

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.