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Al Yankovic Gets Weird With A Symphony Orchestra At The Pavilion

6 hours ago by Matthew Keever
Weird Al Yankovic Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion June 15, 2019 About halfway through his performance at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Saturday night, Weird Al Yankovic disappeared backstage for one of his many wardrobe changes. In his absence, the screens behind and on either side of the stage began playing a montage of...

History Comes Alive in Houston Ballet's Glorious Marie

1 day ago by Natalie de la Garza
Houston Ballet travels back in time to give a much maligned historical figure a second look in the season-ending production of Stanton Welch's Marie.

Hootie & The Blowfish Bring the Goods on First Tour in a Decade

1 day ago by Clint Hale
Hootie shows that its mid-90s hits more than hold up before a packed house in The Woodlands.

Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis Take Us Back to the Astrodome

2 days ago by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
Many songs are about the people who make our lives special, but sometimes songs about the places we’ve known and loved stir strong emotions. If you live in Texas and are of a certain age, it’s guaranteed that’s what’ll happen when listening to “Astrodome.” The new song is from Beautiful Lie,...

Speaking Up: Son Volt Delivers Power to the People with Union

2 days ago by Gladys Fuentes
When someone is in disagreement with something they have a choice; they can act or stay silent. At a time when society and the government continuously churn out tumultuous headlines Jay Farrar and his band Son Volt have decided to speak out. Their latest release Union has songs ripped directly...

Several Houston Astros In Hunt For The 2019 MLB All Star Game

2 days ago by Sean Pendergast
There was a time, not all that long ago, that the MLB All Star Game may as well have not even existed to Houston Astro fans. The year 2013 was only six seasons ago, and back then, catcher Jason Castro was participating in that game solely because the rules said...

Reviews For The Easily Distracted:
Men In Black: International

2 days ago by Pete Vonder Haar
Title: Men in Black: International Describe This Movie In One Plan 9 From Outer Space Quote: CRISWELL: Perhaps on your way home you will pass someone in the dark, and you will never know it, for they will be from outer space. Brief Plot Snyopsis: Alien agents alienate alien agency. Rating Using Random...

Openings and Closings: MAD Debuts Next Week, Be More Pacific Coming

2 days ago by Lorretta Ruggiero
MAD, 4444 Westheimer, is expected to open June 19. The Madrid-inspired restaurant comes from partners Ignacio Torras and Chef Luis Roger who brought BCN, a Barcelona-inspired hot spot to Houston's Montrose area five years ago. Now, with veteran general manager and sommelier Sebastien Leval on board, they are bringing an...

Legendary "Lost" Treatise on Texas Blues Finally Unearthed

2 days ago by Bob Ruggiero
The Blues Come to Texas: Paul Oliver and Mack McCormick’s Unfinished Book Compiled by Alan B. Govenar with contributions by Kim Lornell 472 pp. $95 Texas A&M University Press To understand this story, you must first know the story behind the story. In 1959, two fans and writers about blues...

Houston's 5 Best Weekend Food Bets: Eat Up at Houston Food Fest

2 days ago by Brooke Viggiano
Here’s a look at this weekend's best culinary happenings: Taste of Montrose Friday through Sunday Taste of Montrose will run through Sunday, June 16, bringing together restaurants in Montrose in donating a percentage of sales or giving a flat donation to further the mission and efforts of The Women’s Home...

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