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Annise Parker: A City's Shame

9 years ago by Richard Connelly
Photo by jessicamichan​Surely there must be some way to prevent such heinous, disreputable behavior. Like maybe winning a freaking football game and not losing one of those mayor-to-mayor bets...

Annise Parker, The $5 Mayoral Candidate

10 years ago by Margaret Downing
Taking a page from the Barack Obama playbook, Houston City Controller and mayoral candidate Annise Parker announced today that she's launching an "I Can Make a Difference" campaign on the Internet in which she's asking supporters to send her $5. Parker proposes to use the Internet to raise campaign funds...

Annise Parker Is The Queen Of The Roller Derby

7 years ago by Richard Connelly
Mayor Annise Parker visited the Roller Derby Saturday and blew the first whistle. She stayed for both matches, watching the HRD Knockouts vs. Assassination City (Dallas, of course) and the Houston Roller Derby All-Stars vs Arch Rival Roller (St.Louis) Girls All-Stars at the Bayou Music Center...

Mayor Annise Parker to Appear on Colbert Report Tonight

7 years ago by Jeff Balke
In case you hadn't heard, Mayor Annise Parker will be a guest tonight on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report tonight, which airs locally at 10:30 p.m. after The Daily Show. The announcement of her appearance came earlier this week. It should be interesting to see the interaction between the two...

Live Coverage of Annise Parker's Public Inauguration

10 years ago by David Ortez
While she privately took the oath of office on Saturday afternoon, today is the day that Houstonians will get to cheer alongside Annise Parker as she is publicly inaugurated as Houston's 61st mayor amidst day-long festivities and celebrations. Stay tuned to Hair Balls as we cover all the action below...

Annise Parker's Victory, Gene Locke's Loss -- The Slideshow

10 years ago by Richard Connelly
Saturday night brought headlines from across the world for Houston, as we matter-of-factly elected Annise Parker as mayor, making us the largest U.S. city to be ruled by someone who can't get married to someone she's been living with for almost two decades.Click here for a slideshow of the scene...

Annise Parker Talks About Her First Love

9 years ago by Richard Connelly
I'm From Driftwood, a Web site dedicated to real-life stories from gays and lesbians, has posted an interview with Mayor Annise Parker talking about her first love and a college romance. Parker remains quietly analytical, of course, but still, in recounting how heartsick she was when her girlfriend's parents broke...

Mayor Annise Parker Shuts Down The Party

8 years ago by Richard Connelly
Not even midnight? Party on, mayor...

Annise Parker Is Almost As Influential As Glenn Beck

9 years ago by Richard Connelly
Mayor Annise Parker is the 13th Most Influential or 13th Most Something, person in America, according to Time magazine.Time's 2010 list of "the people who most affect our world" is out, and features Parker under the "Leaders" section."It's not every Democrat who quotes Calvin Coolidge after spending 100 days in...

Bragging Time for Mayor Annise Parker and Houston

8 years ago by Margaret Downing
As Hair Balls let you know last week, the New York City-based business and innovation magazine Fast Company picked Houston as its No. 1 City of the Year for 2011. In case you can't find a copy, the interview with Annise Parker by Jeff Chu, articles editor for Fast Company,...

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