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Ben Folds

9 years ago by Craig Hlavaty
Since making his bow with his trio Ben Folds Five in 1994, we have seen Ben Folds steadily morph from a sort of slacker Randy Newman into the Burt Bacharach of indie-rock. The BF5 amicably disbanded in 2000 with four LPs under their belts, and a wealth of fans still...

Ben Folds

13 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
Ben Folds's last CD, Songs for Silverman, is what he calls his "grow a beard, lock yourself in the studio and play for a couple weeks" album. Songs was recorded in the same RCA Studios used by Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, with just Folds on piano, Jared Reynolds on...

Ben Folds

11 years ago by Dusti Rhodes
We're a little worried about the poster promoting the new Ben Folds tour. The piano man is sporting a keytar, a keyboard that's worn like a guitar. Hey, we get it: It's hard to connect with the crowd when you're stuck behind the ivories, but we just can't imagine hearing...

Ben Folds

9 years ago

The Ben Folds Orchestral Experience

5 years ago by Bob Ruggiero
The television viewing public knows rocker Ben Folds as a judge on NBC’s The Sing-Off. Longstanding fans know him as a singer/songwriter/pianist — both with the Ben Folds Five and as a solo artist. For The Ben Folds Orchestral Experience, the boyish, bespectacled maestro kicks it up a notch, performing...

Ben Folds and His Band

14 years ago by Mary Templeton
In a guitar-centric rock universe, Ben Folds maintains his place as Iconic Nerd Rock God in the grand tradition of those other piano men, Elton John and Billy Joel. Though he hasn't gotten as much radio play as his forebears, Folds does have the helpful benefit of a cult following...

Ben Folds and the Houston Symphony Are Perfectly In Tune

2 years ago by Sam Byrd
Ben Folds will join the Houston Symphony for a one-night-only performance of his Concerto for Piano and Orchestras well as selections from his alternative-pop hits.

Ben Folds Five Returns: An Essential Playlist

7 years ago by Craig Hlavaty
The eight-year run of '90s indie act the Ben Folds Five was fruitful in many ways. We got the most catchy song about a Christmas abortion ever in 1997's "Brick", three excellent studio albums full of snarky, romantically-challenged piano-based indie-rock, and we were introduced to one of the best songwriters...

Ben Folds Swaps Flood Stories, Paper Airplanes With Happy Houston Crowd

2 years ago by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
An incredible mix of music by the indie-pop pianist, who took crowd engagement to new heights.

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