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Houston By the Neighborhood: Live Longer in 77073

6 days ago by Susie Tommaney
Want to live longer? Well it seems that geography could be a factor in longevity. The number-crunching brainiac scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center have dug deep into 1.6 million death records at the Texas Department of State Health Services Center for Health Statistics. They mined that mountain of data...

I-45 in Harris County: Most Teen Car Crashes in Texas

8 years ago by Richard Connelly
There's nothing like being a teen behind the wheel in summer. You've got your music blasting, you at least imagine the top's down, and the world is yours. Plus, if you're in Harris County, you have the added excitement of crashing at almost any moment. Allstate has put out a...

County Drags Feet on Plan to Give Poor People Lawyers at Bail Hearings

3 years ago by Meagan Flynn
If you're accused of a crime in Harris County, within 24 hours, you'll reach a fork in the road: a bail hearing. There, a magistrate will usually set your bail based on whatever the bail schedule says. Either that or you bondsmen or stay in jail. The latter is usually...

DA Ogg Testifies in Support of Bill Sparked by Jailed Mentally Ill Rape Victim

2 years ago by Meagan Flynn
After a mentally ill rape victim fell through the cracks in the Harris County jail — languishing in general population for 27 days before prosecutors could secure her testimony against her rapist — state lawmakers are considering a bill they say would have protected the victim's rights in the controversial...

Déjà Vu at the Montgomery County Jail

5 years ago by Michael Barajas
Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. As Montgomery County officials consider spending $200 million on expanding their jail, let's hope they keep the old maxim in mind. Capt. David Moore, Montgomery County's jail administrator, says he struggles every week to keep the jail's inmate...

Harris County Jail: No More Daily Visiting Hours

8 years ago by Richard Connelly
Sheriff Adrian Garcia is announcing today that he's eliminating daily visiting hours to the Harris County Jail. Visits will be allowed only four days per week instead of the current seven. Doing so will allow him "to redeploy jail staff and save $1.3 million a year," the sheriff's office says...

Court-Appointed Attorneys in Harris County Take On Massive Caseloads

4 years ago by Zoë Kirsch
Criminal defense attorney Joshua Hill was going to trying something new this year. Rather than spend his time chasing down clients, caught up in the business side of things at an office, Hill was going to “lawyer” around the clock. The former mixed martial arts coach liked the idea of...

Police Chiefs, Harris County Sheriff Gonzalez Oppose Anti-Sanctuary Cities Bill

2 years ago by Meagan Flynn
Hundreds packed the Texas capitol Thursday to hear or provide testimony mostly against Senate Bill 4, the anti-sanctuary cities bill, as protesters surrounded the capitol grounds to oppose the legislation. The controversial bill would punish any local entity or police agency that prohibits — or even "discourages" — peace officers...

How Vince Ryan Helped Push Harris County to Start Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

4 years ago by Dianna Wray
When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage was legal last Friday morning, Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan was determined that Harris County would start following the law of the land by issuing licenses to gay couples as soon as possible, whether the county clerk was ready or not...

Texans Just Love Their Death Penalty

2 years ago by Houston Press
This week brought one of the more absurd cases where Texas sued the federal government. The fight this time? Texas wants its execution drugs, damn it, and the FDA is holding on to them. Our beloved state often leads the nation in the number of executions per year, and we're...

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