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Stanley Booth's Half-Century of Writing About Memphis and the Blues

29 days ago by Bob Ruggiero
Red Hot and Blue: Fifty Years of Writing About Music, Memphis, and Motherf**kers By Stanley Booth 400 pp. $19.99 Chicago Review Press Of all the American music journalists who invented the genre and cut their teeth in the ‘60s and ‘70s – names like Paul Nelson, Richard Meltzer, Lillian Roxon,...

DeAndre Hopkins Named NFL's Best Offensive Player By Pro Football Focus

3 months ago by Sean Pendergast
He may not be the most irreplaceable player on the Houston Texans (that would be Deshaun Watson), and he might not be the biggest icon in franchise franchise history (that would be J.J. Watt), but wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is the team's best pure football player. This is something I've...

Bobby Womack

7 years ago by Craig Hlavaty
Younger ears may know Bobby Womack from his recent work with Damon Albarn's Gorillaz project, guesting on the supergroup's 2010 album Plastic Beach, lending his magic to the disco-throb of "Stylo" with Mos Def, and the forlorn stunner "Cloud of Unknowing." Older audiences, though, know the R&B survivor for his...

Tweed Smith Keeps Her Birthday Party Rolling

4 months ago by Bob Ruggiero
Growing up in 1950s/60s Houston, young Alice Faye Smith – named for the popular performer from a couple of decades earlier – always knew she wanted to be a singer. There was really no other career path for her, simply because it was all around her. Everyone in her family...

Lettuce Funks Up the Jam Band Scene

5 months ago by Bob Ruggiero
Part of the appeal of having SiriusXM satellite radio and its scores of music channels (with even more on the app) is that pretty much every single band or performer past or present will be played on at least one station. For the Boston-bred Lettuce, that channel is Jam On...

Late Night at The Rice Box

5 months ago by Kate McLean
First things first, does everyone know that a rice box can be unfolded to serve as a plate? (Crickets.) Go ahead, divide your friends into two categories now: those who knew, and never told you (JUSTIN) and those who are also just now crawling out of the cave. So there...

Houston Concert Watch 10/10: Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper and More

7 months ago by Cory Garcia
Could this be the final week of the year where outdoor shows are made less fun by brutal heat? It’s possible that Fall might finally arrive. Until then, enjoy this week’s lineup of Hall of Famers and guys that were in other bands you like. Pick of the Week: Bob...

Bobby "Blue" Bland

18 years ago by John Nova Lomax
Here it is now 41 years on -- rescrubbed, remastered, reannotated, with two bonus tracks to boot -- the greatest album ever recorded (partially) in Houston and released on a local label: Bobby Bland's Two Steps from the Blues. Of the principal players on the album, only Bland is alive...

Whitney Soars When It Lets Its Subject Speak and Sing for Herself

11 months ago by Lara Zarum
At first, Whitney gives off the unpleasant whiff of dirty laundry being aired, as the members of Houston’s inner circle, speaking alone in front of the camera, dish on the family’s secrets

Announcing the 2018 Houston Theater Awards

9 months ago by D. L. Groover
The 2017-18 theater season began underwater. Literally. In late August, 2017, Harvey roared through our Bayou City and lived up to its biblical plague prediction. The monster storm dumped more than 50 inches of rain on us, and the effects are still being felt in our theater community. Wortham Theater...

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