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What if the Astros, not Carlos Beltran, Were the Villain?

3 years ago by John Royal
The story has always been that Carlos Beltran was a greedy bastard who strung poor Drayton McLane and Houston Astros fans along just long enough so that he could get a rich deal from the New York Mets in 2004. One of those deals that just made no sense for...

Is Ed Reed the New Carlos Beltran? Not Really

7 years ago by Jeff Balke
Since the Texans have signed no free agents that weren't with the team last year and have seen Glover Quinn, James Casey and Connor Barwin all leave for other destinations, the recent flirtations with Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed have been all Texans fans have to talk about. Never mind...

How Justin Verlander Slayed the Curse of Carlos Beltran's Glove

2 years ago by John Royal
The Houston Astros buried the glove of Carlos Beltran on July 17, a tongue-in-joke about Beltran, the team's designated hitter, rarely playing the field anymore. The team was 62-30 at the time, the best record in the American League, and seemingly cruised to victory every night. The pregame burial of...

A Little Older and Wiser, Carlos Beltran Returns to the Houston Astros

3 years ago by John Royal
Carlos Beltran is back with the Houston Astros. And while it’s been a long, long time since he first spent time with the team, Beltran is ready and eager to don Houston colors and lead the Astros to the playoffs. “It wasn't difficult for me to make the decision to...

Carlos Beltran's in Town, So Let's Act Like Adults

3 years ago by John Royal
The Astros start an important three-game series against the New York Yankees tonight. The Astros are incredibly hot, rapidly gaining ground on the first-place Rangers. The Yankees are fading, but are still on the periphery of the Wild Card race. There should also be lots of scouts in the stands...

Carlos Beltran and Buyer's Remorse: Something to Make Astro Fans Feel Better

8 years ago by Richard Connelly
It's been a disastrous, disheartening season for Astro fans, and it doesn't show any signs of getting better. So you try to take your bright spots where you can. Today's semi-bright spot is a frank admission of buyer's remorse on the part of New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon, who...

What’s the Deal with You Carlos Beltran Haters?

11 years ago by Houston Press
I’ve tried to understand the hated of Carlos Beltran, and frankly, I just don’t get it. So I’m writing today in hopes that one of you morons who boo Beltran every time he makes a play or comes up the plate will explain your hatred to me. Please, I really...

Leave Beltran Alone

12 years ago by Houston Press
So, what happens when the Astros run into a good pitcher? Well, they lose. Like on Wednesday when Cole Hamels shut them down. And last night, when John Maine shut them down. The Astros lost 6-2 last night. The Astros lost to a Mets team that had just been swept...

How the "Lastros" Got the Last Laugh at Baseball's Biggest Game

1 year ago by Bob Ruggiero
Liftoff! The Tank, The Storm, and the Astros’ Improbable Ascent to Baseball ImmortalityBy Brian T. Smith 256 pp. $25.95 Triumph Books The tale of the Houston Astros storybook 2017 season that culminated in a World Series win seems like it came from…well…a storybook. After all, it hadn’t been that long...

Can the Astros Repeat? 4 Reasons Why and 4 Reasons Why Not

2 years ago by Jeff Balke
As the full squad reports to spring training this week, there appears to be a sometimes not-so quiet confidence with this Astros squad. Justin Verlander believes the road to the title runs through Houston and has tweeted as such. The team has adopted the slogan "Never Settle" for the season,...

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