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Montrose Classic: Monday Night at Cecil's

9 years ago by Glenn Livet
It was a Monday night, and I was on the patio of Cecil's with a couple of friends. I looked toward the open part of the porch and saw two young men embrace. At first I thought the white guy with the shaved head was trying to express his affection...

Sounds of the City: Nick Greer Just Does It 'Live at the Corkscrew'

4 years ago by Brandon Caldwell
The knowledge I have of Nick Greer extends back arguably four or five years, when he was part of a rather impressive Wire Road Studios collective with The Niceguys and a couple other artists. Greer was a red-headed bandleader with a sturdy hand on the piano and a more than...

Tales of Rehab Get the Soap Opera Treatment in Fly on the Windshield

2 years ago by Jessica Goldman
About 45 minutes into Shabach Enterprise’s production of S. Denise O’Neal’s, Fly on the Windshield, we’re treated to an over the top yet humorously on the nose re-enactment of a soap opera climax. It comes to us courtesy of Vincent (Omar Lewis), a young man in a strict 90 day...

Houston's Pot & Plot Takes a "High"-Minded Approach to Film Review

2 years ago by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
We’re an hour into our conversation with Stephanie Fisher and Josh Rollins when they make an unexpected announcement. “We’ve been out of weed for about a week,” Rollins says. “And we’re going to buy more after this,” Fisher informs us. “I was real irritable from like Wednesday of last week...

Upcoming: Action Bronson, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cop Warmth, John Hiatt, Mastodon, Roger McGuinn, etc.

2 years ago by Tex Kerschen
A constantly updated guide to upcoming concerts in the Greater Houston area.

Come in From the Cold and Check Out These Houston Theater Offerings

3 years ago by D. L. Groover
Winter has finally arrived on the bayou with an icy blast that probably won't last too long, but if you're in need of someplace to hunker down for the duration, look no farther than our own Winter Theater Season. During the next months, it's cozy and warm inside. You'll go...

Shows of the Week: Keeton Coffman Releases Confident Debut, Killer Eyes

4 years ago by Chris Gray
KEETON COFFMAN Dosey Doe Music Cafe, September 9 More than six years after esteemed Houston pop/rockers The 71’s folded, ex-front man Keeton Coffman has firmly established himself as one of the area’s most charismatic and industrious singer-songwriters. He has now released four EPs while habitually haunting local stages like both...

The Way Too Early Texans 53-Man Roster Forecast, v 1.0

4 years ago by Sean Pendergast
This is always a very fluid, somewhat discombobulated time to be a fan of an NFL team. With a slew of drafted rookies, undrafted rookies, practice squad guys, and street free agents — not to mention, this season, newly signed veteran free agents — assessing exactly what you have and...

Upcoming: Aubrie Sellers, Foals, Joe Walsh, Lil Keke, Lucinda Williams, Rob Zombie, Slick Rick, Sturgill Simpson, etc.

4 years ago by Tex Kerschen
Note: Events in bold reflect highly recommended shows. 222: Mon., March 21, 5:30 p.m., Free. Cactus Music, 2110 Portsmouth, Houston, 713-526-9272. Aep: Thu., April 28, 8 p.m., TBA. Super Happy Fun Land, 3801 Polk, Houston, 713-880-2100. Alejandro Vela: Noche Azul: Fri., April 1, 8 p.m., $18 (door)/$13 (online presale)/$10 (students...

Meet Ted Cruz's Wack Pack

4 years ago by Craig Malisow
When Sarah "No More Pussyfooting Around" Palin awkwardly endorsed famous toupee-wearer Donald Trump at an Iowa rally earlier this month, Saturday Night Live writers and late-show monologue scribes rejoiced over this gift from the Golden Calf and other false prophets those people pray to. Less heralded is the grotesque coterie of freaks who...

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