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Under Siege

22 years ago by Shaila Dewan
For most politicians, the scene would be a breeze-through photo op: "Mayor teaches local children how to read." But Cipriano Romero, the mayor of the city of South Houston, has invested more than that. Romero has been mentoring children in his city every week for the past five years. This...

Up To Date on '98

21 years ago by Shaila Dewan
In real life, stories don't end with "happily ever after." They roll forward with no regard for narrative neatness: The prince becomes king; he files for divorce; Cinderella writes a tell-all book; the kids date topless dancers and form a post-punk band. And so on. With such developments in mind,...


Courtside Manners I applaud you for your investigative enthusiasm ["Risky Business," by Brad Tyer, November 26]. You seem to have related a fair and objective story. It appears that the Norrises have been (and I hope still are) working well within the constraints of their permits. It is amazingly convenient...

Impeaching South Houston

26 years ago by D.J. Wilson
With his thinning gray hair, metal-rimmed glasses, boot-cut Levis, red suspenders and striped, short-sleeved Western shirt, Dennis Cordray doesn't look exactly mayoral. Cordray more resembles someone you'd find working in the lumberyard of a hardware store -- which is exactly what he did before being elected mayor of South Houston...

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