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Gilmore Girls Continues Tradition of On-Screen Female Reporters Dating Sources

3 years ago by Carter Sherman
The Internet's response to the release of the Gilmore Girls Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, has been somewhat less than kind. With headlines the Washington Post's “Rory Gilmore is a Monster,” it's clear that many are little less than satisfied with the direction that series creator...

A Fun-Filled Cinderella at Ensemble Theatre

8 years ago by Jim Tommaney
The setup: The Ensemble Theatre's take on Cinderella sheds the gossamer fragility of the fairy tale for broad humor and a lively, rollicking treatment. The execution: There are two moments of poignant beauty in this Cinderella, once in a flashback as a young Cinderella (Taylor Nelson) moves from a glum...

Caroline, or Change

12 years ago by Lee Williams
Somewhere in between tonal poetry and contemporary opera lies Tony Kushner's admirably somber "musical," Caroline, or Change. The word "musical" belongs in quotes because the thoughtful, complex history lesson that has arrived, finally, for its regional debut at Main Street Theater is nothing like the glimmering song-and-dance acts typical of...

Shine It Up

13 years ago by D. L. Groover
For a musical that preaches against the evils of drug use and graphically shows the deleterious effects upon abuser and loved ones alike, Sparkle needs a jolt of speed. Now playing in a drugged-out, somnambulistic production at Ensemble Theatre, this stage adaptation of the 1976 Irene Cara film dilutes whatever...

Capsule Reviews

13 years ago by D. L. Groover
Hotter than Houston St. Peter doesn't know what to do with Stan Wetzel. Stan's not bad enough for hell, but he's certainly not worthy of heaven. There aren't enough stars for good deeds tallied on St. Pete's celestial tote board. Not yet, anyway. "Can't I go to that middle place?"...

Hog Wild

13 years ago by Todd Spivak
Pickup trucks haul yapping mutts in crowded trailers through the woods in a long, tedious procession, taking an hour to travel seven miles of cratered red-dirt road. Homemade signs posted on trees point the way to a large grassy field where a woman wearing high-waisted Wranglers, scuffed cowboy boots and...


24 years ago by Edith Sorenson
Quite a summer for flying cars -- much-hyped summer movies such as Eraser, Mission Impossible and Twister have sedans flipping like pancakes. But Independence Day has more in-air automobiles than any summer movie so far. And it also has space creatures. Like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, this alien-contact...

Letters 08-31-2000

Spaced Out Trailblazer to the beyond: Your compelling article on Transhab and NASA's famous Constance Adams was very exciting to read ["Science Friction," by Lauren Kern, August 10]. Her revolutionary spirit is just what America needs to blaze future trails in space! Given your interest in "space architecture," please check...

Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away Worth a thousand words each: This is an amazing collection of photos ["Scenes from a City's Soul," by Richard Connelly, May 23]. My mother and father were born in Houston (the Sixth Ward and Third Ward, respectively) in 1925. When I was growing up, my parents spoke...

Science Friction

19 years ago by Lauren Kern
At first glance, the Johnson Space Center looks less like a hub for the nation's space program than a college campus in the summer. The green, geometric grounds are virtually deserted, NASA's brain trust of purposeful scientists and engineers hidden away in low-slung, sand-colored buildings distinguished from one another only...

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