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On Second Thought: Why We Were Wrong About These Songs

1 month ago by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
Five or six years ago, I made a pretty big mistake in a Houston Press music article, an assignment several writers teamed for titled “The 10 Lamest Bands of the ‘90s.” Never mind that such an article seems sort of mean-spirited, but my totally off-base choice was the one-hit wonder,...

Tracking Folk Punk's New Wave With Its Archivist

2 months ago by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
The folk punk genre has its share of skeptics. Type the words into your Google search engine and plenty of derisive tropes and snarky memes will populate. But, maybe now more than ever, you’ll also find a broad and acclaimed array of music from diverse artists whose blend of folk...

Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance: The Definitive Zapruder

6 years ago by Sean Pendergast
Back in 2008, my daughter Judy Anne was ten years old. Like most young girls between the ages of 5 and 12 back in 2008, she was an avid fan of the television show Hannah Montana. Like a BIG fan, to the extent that I would find random Hannah Montana...

Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers

12 years ago by Nicholas L. Hall
Everyone knows the entertainment industry is supposed to prepackage role models for our children. Hell, suburban moms are just too busy running prostitution rings out of their houses and nursing crystal-meth addictions to concern themselves with ensuring their children are being entertained by wholesome, responsible and respectable teen and tween...

10 Things In Music More Exciting Than Miley Cyrus

6 years ago by Corey Deiterman
Hey everyone, can I ask a question? Are we sick of Miley Cyrus yet? No? Oh, okay. The fact is that for some reason people can't seem to get enough of this girl shaking her ass on TV. That's fine and all, but it's a shame for all the true...

Believe It Or Not, But Pop Music Is Great Again

4 years ago by Corey Deiterman
It's time for us to talk about pop music. It's 2015, and the landscape today is a very different place than it was even just a few short years ago. With the emergence of so many streaming services and a populace ready to accept just about anything offered to them,...

Capsule Art Reviews: "Colony Collapse," "The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia: A New Beginning," "Halls without walls, room to feel in. The door awaits you, your return within," "Maurice," "Pastmodern," "Salt House," "Shambhala"

6 years ago by Meredith Deliso
"Colony Collapse" Nicola Parente has a way of getting your attention. Four years ago, it was with giant mushrooms made of peat moss that sprouted from Art League Houston's patio. The piece, a collaboration with Divya Murphy, was in response to a New York Times article that named Houston the...

Capsule Art Reviews: "Cocomirle: A Visual and Sound Environment by Adela Andea," "The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia; A New Beginning," "Halls without walls, room to feel in. The door awaits you, your return within." "Maurice," "No Paint," "Sal

6 years ago by Meredith Deliso
"Cocomirle: A Visual and Sound Environment by Adela Andea" Houston artist Adela Andea's light installations and sculptures are true crowd-pleasers, captivating artists at galleries, art fairs and, last winter, Art League Houston's outdoor garden-turned-bio-electronic environment, "Primordial Garden." The Romania-born artist returns to the Montrose art space — this time indoors...

The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne Embraces the "Eyes of the Youth"

2 years ago by David Garrick
Flaming Lips lead singer and founding member Wayne Coyne talks about making the band's latest album, how they release their work, and Friday's appearance at Revention Music Center.

What We Will Rock You Lacks in Story it Makes Up for in Great Songs and Powerful Voices

6 years ago by D. L. Groover
The set-up: This isn't the first jukebox musical, nor will it be the last, when a concert is performed but a show breaks out. All Queen-heads will be in seventh heaven with this superbly sung, thrillingly played, and blindingly lighted arena show. Those who want such a thing as an...

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