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Ed Emmett's Magical Astrodome European Mystery Tour

4 years ago by John Royal
Ed Emmett’s quest to deny the will of the voters continued this week with a magical mystery tour of a former Nazi airfield in Germany. It’s at this airfield that Emmett, the Harris County Judge who has made it his mission to save the Astrodome despite many years of neglect...

Ed Emmett: Keep the Dome, But Make a Decision

8 years ago by Richard Connelly
Harris County Judge Ed Emmett became the latest in a series of local elected officials delivering dire economic news, in his State of the County speech today. Cuts are coming, and the county will be searching for ways to get by with less, he said. But Emmett also touched on...

Ed Emmett Is Officially Pretty Pleased With The Ike Response

10 years ago by Amina Rivera
Harris County Judge Ed Emmett's official and final scorecard on local-government response to Hurricane Ike: "Pretty good."At a press conference Monday he addressed what worked and what didn't, and announced that most things worked out well."A state has the primary responsibility, if you will, and if we just look at...

15 Ways Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Wants to Mitigate Flooding

1 year ago by Meagan Flynn
Laying out a broad vision for the future of flood mitigation, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett admitted he was no expert on flood control — but as the director of Harris County emergency management, he said he was tired of the "piecemeal approach" various government agencies and departments have taken...

Ed Emmett Can't Find What Is Wrong With NRG Stadium

2 years ago by John Royal
When it comes to the Astrodome and NRG Stadium, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett finds himself a bit confused. He believed he had found a way to save and repurpose a county asset without having to raise taxes, and he was under the impression that NRG Stadium is a fantastic...

When It Comes to the Astrodome, Ed Emmett Thinks That You're an Idiot

4 years ago by John Royal
Harris County Judge Ed Emmett thinks that you are an idiot. Not that he's actually said that, but seeing as how he's pushing another renovation plan for the Astrodome, one that currently involves no private financing and costs $243 million, what Emmett thinks of the citizens of Harris County is...

Ed Emmett Says Harris Is "a County of Substance" with Some, Umm, Ethical Problems

7 years ago by Richard Connelly
Harris County Judge Ed Emmett gave his State of the County speech today and, as expected, he announced things were going pretty good. He said the state of Harris County is "far better than most governmental entities" and that it remains a "County of Substance," in case you were wondering...

Save the Dome: Judge Ed Emmett Calls Rodeo/Texans Green Space Plan "Silly"

5 years ago by Jeff Balke
According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, County Judge Ed Emmett has no desire to see a recent plan put forth on the part of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and Houston Texans put into place. The plan would demolish the "Eighth Wonder of the World" and replace...

Glen Cheek, Sexual Harassment, Randall Kallinen, Dildos, Ed Emmett and Property Taxes

12 years ago by Richard Connelly
Maybe it's no surprise that the late Glen Cheek, longtime constable of Harris County Precinct 5 who died in April, is not going quietly into that good night. After all, Cheek built a reputation as a hard-ass throughout his 40-plus-year law-enforcement career. When he died, the Houston Chronicle obit gleefully...

Best of Houston® 2019: Best Podcast

2 months ago by Houston Press
Best Podcast: Stories From the Storm Nearly a year after the storm of the century made its devastating landfall in Texas, NPR began releasing a unique storytelling podcast, Stories From the Storm, highlighting individual Houstonians' Harvey experiences. Each episode in this ten-part series by Houston Public Media features two individuals...

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