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Frank Black

14 years ago by Lee Zimmerman
What's this? Frank Black, the mercurial leader of the Pixies, one of the most brooding and foreboding bands from the postpunk era, sounding enthusiastic? Soaking up the vibe of an all-star musical assemblage -- Steve Cropper, Spooner Oldham, Buddy Miller, the Band's Levon Helm, Cheap Trick's Tom Petersson, Bad Company's...

Frank Black

13 years ago by Scott Faingold
When Frank Black was first whelped from the rib of Black Francis following the premature demise of the Pixies a decade and a half ago, he came on like a man with a hell of a lot to prove. Those first two solo records were slick, eclectic, somewhat overwrought affairs...

Legendary Satirist Lewis Black Returns To The City That Drove Him To Comedy

4 days ago by Vic Shuttee
"Most people, what’s really being missed in all this, is there is this great middle, and it’s the middle that’s important. That’s what counts."

Openings and Closings: In-N-Out Stafford and Katy Open Today, Black Bear Diner Soon

2 months ago by Lorretta Ruggiero
In-N-Out Burger, 12611 S. Kirkwood and 1010 Katy Fort Bend Road opens November 22 per a press release, according to Community Impact. There have been rumblings for several years which set social media ablaze with sparring between rabid Whataburger fans and In-N-Out loyalists. Californians have happy memories of road trips...

Fans, Houston Suffer Most at Hands of the Astros

4 days ago by Jeff Balke
It is difficult to understate the damage done to the Houston Astros organization on Monday. Not only did they lose arguably the best manager in baseball and the architect of the operation that took them from three straight 100-loss seasons to three straight 100-win seasons and a World Series, but...

Sisters of House Black is a Triumphant Harry Potter Fan Film

3 months ago by Jef Rouner
The time is perfect for a really well done Harry Potter fan film, and Kelsey Ellison’s short feature Sisters of House Black delivers that. You should watch it before the copyright police find out. The movie opens right after Voldemort is apparently killed while trying to murder Harry Potter to...

Leif Garrett: An American Idol

9 days ago by Bob Ruggiero
It’s one thing to make a memorable stage entrance, but this was something way out of the ordinary. That’s what was going through 17-year-old Leif Garrett’s mind on the evening of February 25, 1979 as he charged across the dirt floor of the Astrodome on a white horse and carrying...

Last Night: The Drive-By Truckers at the Heights Theater

2 months ago by Bob Ruggiero
An Evening with the Drive-By Truckers November 14, 2019 Heights Theater As Matthew Keever pointed out in his review of the recent Black Keys show, a good chunk of the near capacity audience at the cavernous Toyota Center likely was familiar with just the band’s radio (er…streaming) hits. The complete...

NFL Week 11: Head Coaches Hot Seat Rankings

2 months ago by Sean Pendergast
Around here in Houston, the main storyline among the slate of games this past Sunday, during the Texans bye week, was the how well the results broke for the Texans, all while they did nothing but wakeboard in Jamaica.... ...and ride four wheelers in Mexico.... However, one underplayed storyline coming...

Crooked Miles and Blue Distance: The Visions of Plimsouls' Peter Case

2 months ago by David Ensminger
Ever since the tumult and turmoil of the late-1960s, when Peter Case was a lean hectic teenager hitching himself to songcraft, he has been searching. Using the naked compass of writing to find his bearings in the world, he followed varied, vivid paths: strident Yippie countercultural rebellion in his band...

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