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“The Cinema of George Lucas”

12 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
You won’t have to go to a galaxy far, far away to enjoy “The Cinema of George Lucas” exhibit — just get over to Space Center Houston. On display are dozens of props, costumes and artifacts from Lucas’s private collection, amassed during more than 30 years of filmmaking. Of course,...

George Lucas Comes To Space Center Houston, Sorta

12 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
Science fact and science fiction come face-to-face at the "Cinema of George Lucas" and "Live the Adventure" exhibits currently at Space Center Houston. Comprised of  the personal memorabilia of filmmaker George Lucas (much of it never seen before in public), and an interactive center, the exhibits have been drawing large...

The People vs. George Lucas

Comedy, Documentary

Actually, Strange Magic Is the Best George Lucas Film in 25 Years

6 years ago by Alan Scherstuhl
It's hard to imagine that George Lucas has cared, much, about the fan­revolt he's faced since '97 or so, the year he thumbed CGI Colorforms all over the original Star Wars movies. But there's one criticism that seems to have stung him: that Lucas, a good Marin County liberal, populated...

George Lucas Strikes Back: A New Hope for Star Wars

10 years ago by Jef Rouner
Art Attack has this dream that sometime during the '80s and '90s, unknown persons or creatures with sinister motives began kidnapping the creators of our most beloved pop culture in order to replace them with doppelgangers hoping to ruin their legacies. Why? Couldn't tell you. Maybe Yoda's wisdom and the...

Gordon's (Still) Alive: Flash At 40

1 month ago by Pete Vonder Haar
Who can say what makes a movie great? The AFI and similar organizations release periodic rankings with the usual suspects (Citizen Kane, Citizen Kane II: The Wrath of Kane), while online contingents continue their campaigns to elevate Megaforce to relevance. The common thread to most of these choices? Scope. Whether we're...

George Lucas Announces Star Wars 3-D; More Beating the Dead "Force"

10 years ago by Joe Wozny
First, the good news: Lucasfilm is re-releasing the entire Star Wars saga in theaters ... drumroll ... in 3-D. The planned delivery date is around February 2012. The powerful wizards at the Lucas castle (Industrial Light and Magic) are confident they can "convert" the films into a 3-D experience. Apparently,...

Don’t Worry, Harry Potter Will Outlive J.K. Rowling’s Bigotry

5 months ago by Jef Rouner
There had been rumors that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was a transphobe for years based on her following and liking tweets from some prominent British practitioners of that particular dark art. Recently, she made it more overt with a series of tweets condemning using the phrase “people who menstruate”...

Reviews For The Self-Quarantined:
Raiders Of The Lost Ark

7 months ago by Pete Vonder Haar
COVID-19 has already drastically altered our lives; forcing millions of Americans to remain home and practice "social distancing" to (hopefully) slow the spread of the disease. Movie theaters are also closing and the release dates of just about every major studio release has been pushed to the end of the...

Rockets 2019 Season Preview: 10 Burning Questions Answered

1 year ago by Jeff Balke
In the rather mediocre sports movie Glory Road, Josh Lucas, playing legendary college basketball coach Don Haskins, gives his team some advice. "You wanna shake off that hate?" he says. "Shut them up. Win!" Despite all the success of the Houston Rockets over the last seven seasons, there has been...

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