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September Literary Events: Colson Whitehead, Chris Shepherd and Zines

16 days ago by Susie Tommaney
Houstonians play a major role in the literary scene this month, with a visit by former UH teacher Colson Whitehead, a return of Zine Fest Houston, and even a new cookbook by Chris Shepherd. So stop by your favorite indie bookseller and say hello, pick up a book or two or three,...

Love and Haiti

14 years ago by Mary Templeton
Despite its sunny Caribbean location, life isn't easy in Haiti, and a busy Atlantic hurricane season isn't even the half of it. Not up on the latest Haitian coup d'état? The folks at Voices Breaking Boundaries bring you up to speed with their double screenings of Kevin Pina's documentaries Haiti:...

A Night Together with Tim Tebow

Wednesday, October 2, 7:30PM @ Cullen Theater at Wortham Theater Center
Join us for our 4th Annual A Night Together in the Cullen Theater at the Wortham Center. We look forward our guest speaker author, sports analyst and Heisman Trophy Winner, Tim Tebow along with...
Activism, Religious

Tales From The Top Shelf: Lillet Blanc

6 months ago by Kate McLean
In 1872, before cracking open a bottle of the local Bordeaux, French brothers Raymond and Paul Lillet must have thought to themselves, "we should make a pre-drinking drink out of these badass grapes?"  Or better known as, an aperitif.  A lightly boozy, lightly bitter sipper to make the stomach rumble...

“Visions for a New Haiti”

9 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
Ronel Pierre, a Haitian artist, seems to have gotten things a little backwards. He first exhibited his work before the age of 13 and enjoyed a modestly successful career for years. Now, near the age of 30, the up-to-now self-taught painter has begun to take art classes at a Houston...

Artists for Haiti Benefit

10 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
Like millions of people, local artist Katherine Houston watched television news coverage of the recent disaster in Haiti. She saw medical personnel and rescue workers rushing to the island to offer assistance. "It made me wonder what I could do to help," she said via press materials. "It just made...

The Latinx Festival Continues at Stages Repertory Theatre

8 months ago by Margaret Downing
Even before last year's inaugural Sin Muros: A Latinx Theatre Festival was over, organizers were already working on plans for this year. First year attendance was "beyond our dreams," says this year's festival coordinator Trevor Boffone and the normal theater audience at Stages Repertory Theatre was bolstered by a lot...

Radio Free Haiti

16 years ago by Melissa Levine
Every once in a while, you encounter a person who seems to have been born under an urgent, righteous star -- a person who is both a fiery activist lit with the passion of his convictions and a dramatic storyteller who naturally occupies a place in the public eye. When...

Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti

11 years ago by Nick Keppler
In 1936, experimental filmmaker Maya Deren got a grant to shoot voodoo rituals in Haiti from the Guggenheim Foundation and soon found herself dancing in a circle praising someone named “Gbadu.” This may have violated a few academic standards of the day; it certainly fueled rumors that Deren’s death from...

Patricia Wolff Tries To Save Haiti With Peanut Butter

9 years ago by Richard Connelly
Patricia Wolff is not a doctor to be messed with -- she's a black belt who carries a stun gun and pepper spray. All three can come in handy in disaster-stricken Haiti.Wolff, a St. Luois pediatrician, is on the island trying to fight starvation and disease with "medika mamba," which...

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