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UPDATED: ACLU, Human Rights Watch Report Condemns Solitary Confinement for Teens

7 years ago by Margaret Downing
Human Rights Watch has produced several videos in connection with this report. In June 2009, Chris Vogel wrote our story "For Their Own Good," detailing the problems created when teens are left in solitary confinement in jail for up to 23 hours a day. We'd like to think we made...

Human Rights Watch Blasts Treatment Of Mentally Disabled In Immigration Cases

9 years ago by Chris Vogel
Alberto was born in Portugal, but moved with his parents to the United States before his second birthday. In time, he received his green card, becoming a legal permanent resident.But Alberto was bipolar, and as the decades ticked by, he found himself homeless in 2008 after a 50-day stint in...

How The Alley Serves Thanksgiving Dinner Onstage In The Humans Night After Night

5 days ago by Jessica Goldman
“Cranberry sauce is the greatest lubricant,” says actor Christopher Salazar, explaining how he manages to eat a Thanksgiving meal night after night onstage while at the same time delivering his lines clearly and on cue. Salazar is one of eight actors now performing in the Alley Theatre’s production of The...

Houston Concert Watch 3/6: Tim McGraw, Zedd and More

14 days ago by Cory Garcia
As someone who obsesses over concert listings, one of my favorite things to do as the year progresses is to try and figure out which day was the best concert day of the year in Houston. Some weeks are lean, but some nights are an embarrassment of riches. Do you...

Kacey Musgraves Kicks Off RodeoHouston All Right With a Slow Burn

22 days ago by Cory Garcia
Kacey Musgraves NRG Stadium February 25, 2K19 Kacey Musgraves doesn’t have many speeds. Sure, she does have a few mid-tempo numbers that come along and keep things feeling somewhat energetic, but she’s mostly happy to mosey her way through her music, taking the time to savor her melodies and wordplay...

Houston Concert Watch 1/30: Fleetwood Mac and More

2 months ago by Cory Garcia
Were it not for some cancellations, this list might have looked very different. First, there was the High on Fire show that got axed because of health issues related to Matt Pike's diabetes. A huge bummer for local metal fans, but here's hoping Pike can rebound and get back out...

Always Moving: Texas Legend Terry Allen will Bring Songs Old and New to Heights Theater

23 hours ago by Gladys Fuentes
Talking to Texas legend Terry Allen is like catching up with an old friend. His warm Lubbock drawl and sprinkles of “you know” between thoughts are instantly comforting. Terry Allen is best known for his iconic ‘70s hit albums Juarez and Lubbock (on Everything), both of which are considered of...

Sharks Aren't the Only Dangers in Moody Gardens' Reef Rescue VR

2 days ago by Susie Tommaney
Reef Rescue is a new VR experience at Moody Gardens that lets up to 15 players virtually dive in a colorful 360 degree coral reef environment. Each player's avatar is a mini submarine and there are tasks to accomplish, but be forewarned that great white sharks are always lurking nearby,...

Johnny Manziel Signs On With AAF, Will Play For Memphis

2 days ago by Sean Pendergast
Just a few weeks after being exiled by the entire Canadian Football League, Johnny Manziel has gotten yet another opportunity to prove himself as a worthy professional football quarterback, signing a standard player agreement with the Alliance of American Football. With his geographical AAF rights held by the San Antonio...

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