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Shipping Dogs Out of State to a Better Life or Hell. Who Knows?

8 months ago by Craig Malisow
For more than a year, a Huntsville-based animal rescue group has been picking up dogs from municipal shelters in and around Houston and sending them to a Connecticut shelter with a history of animal cruelty. According to one source close to the operation, the Texas dogs transported along this route...

A New Season and a New CEO, Society for the Performing Arts Remains Eclectic As All Get Out

2 years ago by Margaret Downing
Looking at the upcoming season of the Society for the Performing Arts it's clear that SPA is remaining true to its roots of determined eclecticism. The high art of cellist Camille Thomas is followed six months later by Vicki Lawrence & Mama. And let's not forget the Peking Acrobats (...

10 Best Bets This Weekend in Houston: Robbins, Reggae and Resilient Sounds

1 year ago by Susie Tommaney
From Broadway's finest to choreography by local dancemakers, a bit of fun in the form of bingo and reggae, plus cerebral diversions that explore astronomy and geometry, there's no shortage of things to do this weekend in Houston. We're also exploring literature in new ways, from Texas Monthly LIVE to...

Netflix’s Exquisite Happy as Lazzaro Asks: What’s to Live for After a Life of Toil?

2 years ago by Alan Scherstuhl
This time, we meet the sharecropping peasants of the remote village of Inviolata, living lives of seasonal toil, lives that look — except for the occasional radio or lightbulb — like they might have a century or so ago

After All Media Passes Were Canceled, We Decided to See White Rabbit Red Rabbit Anyway

4 years ago by Jessica Goldman
I’m sitting in a room with 55 other people watching an actor perform a solo play she knows absolutely nothing about. Which is quite fitting really, as the company putting on the play has no idea that I’m here reviewing it. To put it into Rumsfeldian terms, we have a...

The Red-Light Camera Circus

9 years ago by Mandy Oaklander
Be sure to check out all our previous coverage of the red light camera battle. The city secretary adjusts her spectacles and looks down at her speakers list — number 17 is up next — and the crowd packed into the sweaty Houston City Hall chambers starts to shift to...

Mousse Crossing

21 years ago by Jean Oppenheimer
La crème de la coiffure! A mock documentary about, of all things, a Scottish hairdresser who travels to America to compete in an international hairstyling tournament, The Big Tease is a mildly amusing romp that benefits enormously from an ingratiating performance by Scottish actor Craig Ferguson, who also co-wrote the...

Texas Food Banks Are Mobilizing: Here's Their Info and How You Can Help or Receive Aid

3 years ago by Gwendolyn Knapp
Texas food banks are mobilizing as Hurricane Harvey aims for the coast near Corpus Christi.  Food banks are a n important asset during hurricanes, as they provide relief to families and citizens who have lost access to food and water during the disaster. When a disaster is too big for...

Debriefing Harvey: How Houston Is Recovering One Month Later

3 years ago by Houston Press
It doesn’t feel like Harvey was just over one month ago, because when you drive down neighborhood streets, piles of debris still line the curbs as reliably as flags on the Fourth of July. Because large pumps with blue and yellow tubes are still sucking water out of parking garages...

10 Simple Ways to Help Those in Need After Harvey

3 years ago by Natalie de la Garza
These organizations stand ready to help on the long, difficult road to recovery all Houstonians face.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.