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Ongoing Exhibit Presents the Plight of the Modern Sign-Painter

2 years ago by Randy Tibbits
Some art forms, like this one, just don’t get no respect.

Poetry / You Know Its Me

16 years ago by Felicia Johnson-LeBlanc
Houston's poetry scene has exploded. In the early days, there were underground Midtown Art Center gigs with Israel McCloud and the infamous Roots Collective, and those unforgettable sets at Mahogany Café. Now spoken word in Houston has acquired a force of its own, and if you know where to look,...

Two Third Ward Exhibitions Show the Importance of Perspective

5 years ago by Kelly Klaasmeyer
On July 26, 1970, 21-year-old Carl Hampton was shot and killed on Dowling Street by members of the Houston Police Department. They fired from the roof of St. John Missionary Baptist Church. The police called it self-defense; the black community called it murder. The story of Carl Hampton, and other...

Positive Nihilism

26 years ago by Philip Montoro
If you don't own any of their albums -- and if you don't listen to KTRU -- chances are good you've never heard NoMeansNo. It's nothing to be embarrassed of; they've never heard you, either. Both situations may be remedied this Saturday, when the band makes its first Texas stop...

Heaven's Gatemouth

25 years ago by Brad Tyer
The Juneteenth Blues Festival commenced last weekend in tribute to the late great Albert Collins, and while there was simply too much fine music to catch it all -- I mean, it's just one of the largest free blues festivals in the free world -- I was lucky enough to...

Night & Day

21 years ago by Lauren Kern
Thursday December 10 He's not John Glenn -- but John Glenn can't paint. In fact, Apollo 12 Captain Alan Bean is the only artist to have ever walked on the moon. His book Apollo: An Eyewitness Account by Astronaut/Explorer Artist/Moonwalker Alan Bean is a collection of his painted reflections on...

Press Picks

25 years ago by Edith Sorenson
thursday june 16 SIRE Self-Improvement through Riding Education is a nonprofit group that gives mentally and physically challenged children the chance to rise above ordinary mortals and go riding merrily along, on horseback. The group's second annual "Run for the Roses" fundraiser features country and western dancing so guests can...


26 years ago by Alex Hecht
Thursday December 9 Beausoleil Haven't had a chance to see this outfit since they played NYC's Central Park about six years ago, but the group's contemporary Cajun stylings, highlighted by the so-pretty-you-could-cry work of fiddler and vocalist Michael Doucet, are pretty well state-of-the-art in the gumbo-loving world. And since Christmas...

Black on Black

26 years ago by Susie Kalil
On August 28, 1963, more than 250,000 people gathered in Washington, D.C. to hear Dr. Martin Luther King present his dream of freedom, desegregation and economic opportunity for all people in the United States. At Blaffer Gallery, "I Remember: Images of the Civil Rights Movement, 1963-1993" commemorates the 30th anniversary...

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