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RAW VIDEO!!!! (Of A Motionless, Bored Alligator)

10 years ago by Richard Connelly
Here is RAW VIDEO of Houston police in a deadly face-off against a huge, vicious alligator.We dare you to sit through all four and a half minutes. You will not be able to.Not because it is filled with gnashing teeth and cops' arms getting snapped off, but because nothing happens...

Beastie Boys

16 years ago by Sam Chennault
After a six-year hiatus, the Beastie Boys return with To the 5 Boroughs and alternately position themselves as pop culture bottom-feeders and political pedants. While anti-Bush screeds "That's It That's All" and "Time to Build" come across as heavy-handed, the terse "Open Letter to NYC" does manage to channel that...

Greedo Came First: Stars Wars XXX Porn Parody Begins Production

9 years ago by Craig Hlavaty
Back in January I told you about the girth of pop-culture porn parodies that are suddenly the newest thing in the porn industry. This time around though it's younger directors and actors armed with better production values and at least a sense of humor about Homer and Marge Simpson banging...

The Astros May Be Changing Their Name? My 5 Suggestions

8 years ago by Sean Pendergast
Yesterday afternoon, Astros owner Jim Crane built up more good will with the Houston community in about eight minutes than the team on the field has in the last six years when he announced that the 2012 season will feature cheaper beer ($5 beers!), cheaper tickets and permission to bring...

The 14 Best Halloween Costumes from This Weekend

9 years ago by Brittanie Shey
If there was an event this weekend, you better believe people went to it in costume. Darth Vader was in the crowd at the Rockets Game while a Roman Gladiator watched Agora burn. (How appropriate, that.) Houston Press's own Halloween Bash at House of Blues had some of the most...

Matt Schaub's Oakland Press Conference: This Is Why They're The Raiders

6 years ago by Sean Pendergast
GroovehouseNow we know how Han Solo felt.I've always wondered what Han Solo felt like when he was melted out of his carbonite shell at the beginning of Return of the Jedi. If you recall, he had been in hibernation for an undisclosed (but not insignificant) amount of time when finally,...

10 Essential Houston Things For the First Bar On the Moon

3 years ago by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
Mankind went to the moon in 1969 and famously stopped going just a few years later. Because we haven’t returned, tales of crater monsters and faked moon landings have abounded. But the real reason we have not revisited Earth’s satellite could be its lack of a decent bar. Sure, other amenities...

McDonald's: A Gallery of Fine Art With Fries

8 years ago by Jef Rouner
Today is Ray Kroc's 109th birthday. Kroc is the entrepreneur who took over the tiny McDonald's corporation and turned it into a delicious empire known the world over. We had lunch there this afternoon, and while the food at Mickey D's is never going to be called fine cuisine, there...

5 Times "Star Wars" Fans Got Shafted

4 years ago by Chris Lane
"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" seems to be getting mostly rave reviews from most fans and critics alike, which is great news for fans of the long running film franchise. To die-hard fans, the Star Wars movies have become a major part of their lives, and the universe those films...

Theme Songs for the Most Annoying Characters In the Star Wars Universe, Including Whiny Emo Bitch Anakin Skywalker

10 years ago by John Seaborn Gray
Jar Jar Binks, Pratfalling Mongoloid Looking like some kind of unholy cross-breed between a frog and a duck, Jar Jar was the earliest indication that The Phantom Menace was not going to be up to snuff. The Gungan's antics were undoubtedly supposed to be whimsical and charming, but simply came...

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