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County Judge Emmett Separates Shoulder, Will Miss Eagles Game

8 years ago by Richard Connelly
Blatantly ripping off the Barack Obama basketball injury, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett's office has announced that he, too, is on the injured-reserve list. Emmett separated his shoulder in an early-morning tennis game today and will likely require surgery, spokesman Joe Stinebaker says. "Judge Emmett fell and landed on his...

Future of Harris County Jury Building in Doubt After Severe Harvey Flooding

1 year ago by Meagan Flynn
In a courtyard in front of the civil, criminal and family courthouses on Congress Street, there's a little glass shack that leads underground. There are several rooms and auditoriums, and tunnels leading to all the courthouses. It's the Harris County Jury Assembly building, where jurors meet in a centralized location...

Sheriffs Department Seeking Air Power

11 years ago by Paul Knight
The Harris County Sheriff's Department – largest sheriff's department in the state and third largest in the nation – wants to get caught up with its peers and have some aerial support. The department doesn't have any helicopters or planes, so Eyes on the Border, a border watch group, was...

New Orleans: No Astrodome For You! (This Time)

11 years ago by Richard Connelly
As we've noted, some Houstonians are worried -- not to say pissed -- that another hurricane may send another round of Louisiana evacuees our way. So do they have something to worry about? Does the county plan to once again open up the Astrodome to house evacuees? In a word,...

Edouard Didn't Affect Government Budgets, Either

11 years ago by Richard Connelly
Breathless reports noted for much of Monday night and Tuesday that the county had gone on "emergency status" to handle Tropical Storm Edouard. Of course, Edouard turned out to be more hype than reality. So how much did it cost to gear up and run on emergency status for what...

Harris County Sheriff May Hand Over 17-Year-Olds to Private Prison Contractor

3 years ago by Meagan Flynn
After failing to comply with Prison Rape Elimination standards requiring that 17-year-olds be separated from adults in the Harris County Jail, the Harris County Sheriff's Office is reportedly drafting plans to send the teens off to Limestone County—roughly three hours away from their families. Limestone County officials told the Houston...

Officials Say Chronicle "Just Wrong" in Story on Future of Astrodome

6 years ago by Casey Michel
A report came out in last week's Houston Chronicle purporting to detail a "vote on an unspecified plan concerning what to do with the Astrodome." According to John McClain, the board of the Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation was set to approve the plan and shuffle it to the...

Bill Henderson: County Judge's Legal Counsel Allegedly Goes Rambo When Car Towed

7 years ago by Richard Connelly
Getting your car towed is an aggravating experience, to be sure. It's perhaps more aggravating if you're a former state district judge and current legal counsel to County Judge Ed Emmett -- in other words, a person who's used to not having to deal with the petty annoyances that afflict...

The Fine-Dining Options At The Courthouse Have Gotten Slimmer

10 years ago by Richard Connelly
Tough times have hit the employees, the lawyers, the defendants and the hangers-on at the Harris County courthouse complex -- the cafeterias have been shut down.On Monday, people strolled up to get their morning coffee and bagel and found only locked doors. On Tuesday there was a sign asking them...

Traffic Problem To Be Solved (Maybe)

11 years ago by Richard Connelly
Good Lord, traffic sucked last night. Much as it did this morning. Broken traffic lights have snarled intersections, lack of electricity has closed HOV lanes, everything's a mess. We asked Metro yesterday why the HOV problem couldn't be solved by just using cops to direct traffic and was told "it...

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