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Sheriff's Deputies Who Worked As Sensitivity Trainers Punished For Being Insensitive

10 years ago by Paul Knight
This week's feature about Laura Howard also deals with crisis-intervention training in law enforcement.According to several sources from the story, the Harris County Sheriff's Office has been slow in accepting crisis intervention as a method of handling suspects and inmates at the jail. Apparently, there has been another setback. The...

No Need To Check On My Pot-Growing Empire, Officer

10 years ago by Richard Connelly
The Houston Fire Department was putting out a small electrical blaze last night at what looked to be an abandoned mechanic's shop.They couldn't be sure the fire hadn't spread inside, so they asked the guy who was on the property if he could open the place up.He didn't really want...

Sikh Family Claims Harassment By Sheriff's Deputies

10 years ago by Richard Connelly
A Sikh family in Houston, backed by a national organization, is crying foul over how they were treated by deputies of the Harris County Sheriff's Office.Kawaljeet Kaur tells Hair Balls that her family phoned 911 after discovering their home was burglarized November 26; things went downhill quickly from there.Here's how...

For Their Own Good

10 years ago by Chris Vogel
George awakes scared and confused. He's had the dream again, the one where he is living back at home, where he can wander into the kitchen at any hour to down a glass of milk or fix himself a bowl of his favorite cereal. He'd had dreams like this before,...

Is Harris County Jail the Place for A Mentally Troubled Teen?

10 years ago by Paul Knight
A couple hours before sunset, Laura Howard slid a knife across her wrist after arguing with her boyfriend and mother. She dropped the knife and left her bedroom with her wrist turned upward to show her mother. There was a lot of blood, which was unusual because even though the...

Blasters Redux

24 years ago by Steve McVicker
In the early '80s there was no hotter live band than the Blasters. Led by brothers Phil and Dave Alvin, the group performed some of the most memorable shows of Fitzgerald's pre-kid club era. The good news is that the Blasters are returning to Houston. The bad news is that...

Billy Joe's Blues

18 years ago by Michael Corcoran
When Billy Joe Shaver gives directions to his modest house on the outskirts of Waco, he says to disregard the handwritten sign on his front door. "Please do not disturb. I haven't slept in two days," it says. "That's just so some ol' drunks don't come by at five in...

Bar Fight

20 years ago by Melissa Hung
Margaret Lindsey is not by nature an angry person. Most of the time she's as good-natured as she is now, standing over the kitchen sink of Blondie's. In her short cutoff jeans and closely cropped marigold hair, the La Porte bar owner dutifully peels 25 pounds of shrimp by hand...

Thriving -- or Simply Surviving?

24 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Longevity is the easy part of rock and roll; it is no great task to survive the music business, even if an artist is driven solely by the illusions of fame -- money, women, the glamorous excesses. One need only look at Steve Tyler or, for that matter, Steve Perry,...

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