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5 Best Bets This Weekend in Houston: TexRenFest, Lawn Jazz and Art Fair Fever

6 months ago by Susie Tommaney
It's shaping up to be a perfect weekend in the Houston area, with a nice mix of refined and lowbrow entertainment — some outdoors and others inside (just in case it rains) — with a healthy dose of culture added in. There's a fantasy costume contest that will bring out...

Road Trip: Famous and Infamous Graves of Texas

8 months ago by Susie Tommaney
This summer we're taking a look at interesting, odd, historic and just plain worth it road trips in and around the Lone Star State. We know where the bodies are buried. Texas is the eternal resting place for Bonnie and Clyde, Freddie Fender, Howard Hughes and perhaps even a space alien...

Openings and Closings: UB Preserv Opens, Gus's WF Fried Chicken Arrives

11 months ago by Lorretta Ruggiero
UB Preserv,1609 Westheimer, opened May 8 rather quietly and without much fanfare, though Food and Wine magazine already gave them a shout out this week. Chris Shepherd's newest restaurant concept aims to represent and celebrate the Bayou City's culinary and cultural diversity with its ever-changing demographics and immigrant communities. It's...

Babyboy Small, Vernon Wade Baloney: Funny (Alleged) Criminal Names, Spring 2012 Edition

7 years ago by John Nova Lomax
The recent travails of Crystal Angel Sugars reminded us that it was time to cobble together another of our semi-regular lists of the strangest, funniest and most downright awesome names we come across in our daily perusal of the Harris County Criminal Courthouse dockets. You can read our most recent...

James Vernon McVay: Obama Assassination Plot Foiled After One Murder in Planned Spree

8 years ago by John Nova Lomax
James Vernon McVay wanted to kill President Obama. After his arrest in Wisconsin earlier this month, he told police that he believed the best way to do that was to stalk the commander-in-chief while he was playing golf and pick him off from afar with a rifle. But McVay, a...

Vernon Lee Ahrenhoersterbaeumer: Frying Pan Family Feud Lands Giant Man with Giant Name in Jail

8 years ago by John Nova Lomax
Word to the wise: steer clear of Ahrenhoersterbaeumer family gatherings. Those hosted by the East Texas branch of the polysyllabic Germanic-American family might just turn violent, at least if last Thursday's events in a Longview trailer park are any indication. Police there say they were called after 35-year-old Vernon Lee...

Louis C.K.'s Movie Leaned Ickily Into the Rumors That Have Finally Gone Public

1 year ago by Lara Zarum
Set in present-day New York, the film has a classic Hollywood texture and a classic Hollywood conceit: a brilliant old man paired with a beautiful young ingenue

Four Rappers Now Paying Fat Pat's Uniquely Houston Vision Forward

1 year ago by Brandon Caldwell
Four new local projects that speak to their Houston moment as eloquently as "Tops Drop" once did.

HBO's Ballers Is Hardly Game of Thrones, But Still Worth a Look

2 years ago by Clint Hale
What it lacks in quality, HBO's Dwayne Johnson sports comedy more than makes up in entertainment value.

Who's Lining the Pockets of the State's Top GOP Leaders?

2 years ago by Meagan Flynn
Nobody wants to remember the time an East Texas millionaire named Lonnie Bo Pilgrim, a chicken processor, handed out 31 $10,000 checks on the Senate floor in Austin during a special session — when senators were set to consider worker's comp laws that affected his business. The case made a laughingstock...

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