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Kanye West

16 years ago by Dan Leroy
This has been touted as the year's most anticipated release -- less because of what Kanye West has achieved as half of Roc-A-Fella's hitmaking house production team, and more because of what he represents: The long-awaited bridge between hip-hop's over- and underground, he's a guy who admits that he wants...

Kanye West, Graduation

12 years ago by Linda Leseman
Graduation completes Kanye West's academic trilogy, and if it's truly his "dissertation," as he says on opener "Good Morning," he's created another crowd-pleaser but neglected the deeper social and introspective observations that elevated 2005's Late Registration. But should an artist even be compared to a gold standard he/she created? If...

The Six Best Kanye West Covers

4 years ago by Corey Deiterman
Covers of rap songs are a relative rarity simply due to the nature of hip-hop; so much of the genre centers around originality and crafting your own rhymes. Biters are derided, even when they're mostly paying tribute to the original artists. One artist, however, has transcended this. Kanye West is so...

Kanye West, Meet John Cage

9 years ago by Chris Becker
Avant-garde composer John Cage and pop superstar Kanye West may be two of most polarizing figures in contemporary American music. It amazes me how many people - particularly musicians - hate John Cage ("Parlour games" is how one music professor we know describes Cage's music). And Kanye West? For awhile...

Kanye West: 808s & Heartbreak

11 years ago by Ben Westhoff
Despite what's been written, Kanye West's new style on fourth album 808s & Heartbreak, which incorporates "tribal"-style drum machines and auto-tuned vocals, doesn't sound especially shocking. Immediately satisfying singles like "Robocop" and "Love Lockdown" make Young Jeezy's much-discussed crooning and his T-Pain-assisted use of vocoder nonissues here. Kanye was never...

Kanye West's New Toy: Twitter

9 years ago by Craig Hlavaty
If there was any other pop-culture wonder in need of a worldwide soapbox to spout off from it was Kanye West. Yesterday sweet dreams became a beautiful nightmare when West got his own verified Twitter account, @kanyewest. Little wonder this comes right before the run-up of publicity for his new...

Kanye West Doubles Down on Donald Trump and Finally Breaks the Internet

1 year ago by Cory Garcia
On Wednesday afternoon, it felt like the world stopped for a few hours. Hot sports takes were put on the backburner, crime junkies temporarily forgot about the arrest of the Golden State Killer and the hype over Infinity War briefly went silent. For that window, it felt like everyone, everywhere...

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