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Start Walkin', Always ... Patsy Cline is Coming to Miller Outdoor Theatre

1 year ago by Susie Tommaney
There is no way, no how, that the story behind Always ... Patsy Cline could ever come true today. With celebrities being stalked by the paparazzi and no shortage of Google-happy fans with misguided intentions, the bold-faced set have to shield themselves behind oversized sunglasses, walls of bodyguards and very tall fences...

Reckless Struggles At Being Relatable Or Riotous

2 years ago by Jessica Goldman
Beware a Director’s notes assuring us that Reckless, Craig Lucas’ darkly comedic Christmas play penned in 1983, feels modern and relatable. Of course we notice the lack of cellphones and yes we giggle at the mention of Lotus computer operating systems, but that’s not the reason for the play’s staleness...


11 years ago by Dusti Rhodes
Ceremony is "very abstract and ambiguous," says Horse Head Theatre Artistic Director Kevin Holden. "I don't envy the task that you have to write a summary of it." We'll try. Horse Head, Houston's latest theater troupe, begins each run with a cocktail reception/paganish ritual dance party. The event is meant...

2016 MasterMind Award Winners Honored at Houston Press Artopia

4 years ago by Susie Tommaney
The weather was perfect, the music was thumping, and art from almost three dozen artists and photographers covered the walls of Winter Street Studios, making Saturday night's Houston Press Artopia the hottest ticket in town. After local favorites Gio Chamba played the opening set on the music stage, we honored...

Horse Head Theatre Co’s Moby Dick is a Whale of Tale

5 years ago by Holly Beretto
If you’re like most people, your association with Moby Dick is limited to some high school or college lit class, and it brings to mind an epic, obsessive quest to hunt down a whale. You might have some serious flashbacks of wrestling with hundreds and hundreds of pages as Captain Ahab...

It's Difficult to Like Charlotte in Everything Will Be Different, But Actress Clarity Welch Delivers a Tour-de-force Performance

4 years ago by D. L. Groover
Fifteen-year-old Charlotte (a wildly unfiltered Clarity Welch) is a mess. The poster child of teen angst, this high-schooler is devastated by the death of her beloved beautiful mother. She's adrift, unmoored, and riddled with enough untethered teen spirit to propel an entire series of made-for-TV, after-school specials. Which is just...

Presenting The 2016 Houston Theater Awards

If there was one phrase that best described the state of Houston’s theater scene last season, it would be “in flux.” Companies came and went or merged; some renovated their existing sites or changed names and popped up renewed and reinvigorated. There haven’t been this many new theater companies in...

Catastrophic Theatre Presents a Loving Tribute to the Avant-garde in The Danube

4 years ago by D. L. Groover
The set-up: The final apocalyptic image in Mariá Irene Fornés's dystopian drama, The Danube, finds her hapless characters flash-frozen in a blinding burst of white light and giant whomp of electronic noise. They go out with a bang. The execution: A mysterious illness plagues 1930s Budapest, felling these ordinary people...

The Last Five Years Flawed by Structure, Bland Characters

9 years ago by Jim Tommaney
The Setup: Directed by Jimmy Phillips with pace and deftness, and presented by Mildred's Umbrella Theater, The Last Five Years is an ambitious two-character musical that combines some original staging with a narrative device that threatens to sink the ship. It's a love story where boy meets girl, and then, as...

The American Dream, Dropkicked and Powerbombed in The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

4 years ago by D. L. Groover
Meet Macedonio “The Mace” Guerro (Luis Galindo, in the role of a lifetime). Squat and a bit doughy, he sits on the top turnbuckle at a corner of the wrestling ring. He fits comfortably there; it's home turf, it's where he belongs. Although he's not the star at THE Wrestling,...

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