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Lawndale Art Center

Lawndale Art Center, located in Midtown near the Museum District, is best know for its annual juried Big Show, when artists submit work for a chance to be seen in the gallery by hordes of hip,...
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"MURMURATIONS" Sets the Tone at Lawndale Art Center

6 years ago by Altamese Osborne
Ascending from the bottom of Lawndale Art Center's first floor stairs are five small speakers. To the left of these speakers are five lights, illuminating each. Start climbing the stairs, and a congregation of sounds begins. First, clapping. Then, cheering. By the time you reach the top, a chorus of...

Them Bones: Día de los Muertos at Lawndale Art Center

10 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
The 22nd annual celebration of the important "Day of the Dead" holiday at Lawndale Art Center is an open, non-juried exhibition of art by area artists and students. In addition to the exhibition, Lawndale also offers workshops and classes and will have a grand fiesta on November 7. For more...

Lillian Warren's Deeply Human Portraits of Waiting at Lawndale Art Center

7 years ago by Meredith Deliso
We've all been there before -- compulsively staring at our cellphones to occupy our minds with something, even just a colorful screen. Or maybe you're the dozing type, propping your head up on your arm in an uncomfortable half-slumber. Or maybe you do nothing at all and stare off blankly,...

Lawndale Art Center’s “Día de los Muertos”

12 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
Lawndale Art Center asked artists across Texas to create art based on traditional Mexican retablos (personal devotionals remembering a dead loved one). Nationally known artists including The Art Guys, Dixie Friend Gay and Jesus Moroles as well as up and coming talent such as Nina Craig, Bill Davenport, and Dawolu...

Lawndale Art Center's "Día de los Muertos" Gala/Exhibit

11 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
Sure to be a highlight of the season, the Lawndale Art Center's 21st Annual "Día de los Muertos" is a celebration of Mexican cultural traditions of Day of the Dead - as seen through the eyes of Texas artists. The centerpiece is an exhibit of retablos, or tin devotional paintings...

Lawndale Art Center's "The Big Show" Drips With Figurative Art, Sculpture

6 years ago by Altamese Osborne
A gong clangs approximately every 10 seconds in the Grace R. Cavnar gallery, Lawndale Art Center's largest room. The large bay windows that surround the source of the clanging -- Mari Omari's Fieldwork: 2001-2007, a moody multimedia piece -- support the image, framing fat rainclouds that produce low growls of...

Lawndale Art Center Issues An Open Call for The Big Show

9 years ago by Margaret Downing
If you're a visual artist with $30 ($25 if you're a member), live within 100 miles of Houston and want a shot at one of three class prizes - or even better: discovery of your greatness - then that time of year has arrived again. The Lawndale Art Center's biggest...

"Carmen Flores: In Order to Be Safe" opens at Lawndale Art Center

9 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
It's no surprise that Carmen Flores, a visual artist from Mexico, might choose to explore the idea of violence in her work. Mexico's drug wars, police corruption and the hundreds of women who have been brutally killed in Juarez over the last few years have given the country a reputation...

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