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Sarofim II: The Next (De)Generation

20 years ago by Tim Fleck
It's hard to imagine a nastier, more alcohol-and-kinky-sex-soaked divorce than that of Houston billionaire Fayez Sarofim's split from second wife Linda Sarofim Lowe two years ago. It spun off an equally nasty booze-and-sex-permeated suit by Lowe accusing her own attorneys of bilking her out of millions in legal fees. But...

Line Drawings in Menil's "The Beginning of Everything" Range From Sublime to Less Than Lofty

3 years ago by Kelly Klaasmeyer
Strictly composed of works from three private collections, this exhibition feels like raw material for later, better shows.

Paper Trail

15 years ago by Kelly Klaasmeyer
Most artists have little scraps of drawings and doodles lying around their studios. Sometimes these things are saved, but most of the time they get tossed out. You can't keep everything, right? And what the hell are you going to do with random sketches on bits of newspaper and dry-cleaning...

A Stunning Space

8 years ago by Meredith Deliso
There is a bona fide blockbuster hit at the new Asia Society Texas Center. It's not an imposing ancient Chinese sculpture or contemporary calligraphy hanging on the gallery walls, though. It's the building itself. The Museum District center opened in April at Caroline and Southmore, following months of build-up and...

Secrets of the Sphinx?

24 years ago by Lisa Gray
Happy families, as Tolstoy wrote, are all alike. Unhappy families are unhappy in their own particular ways -- and those particulars can make for a riveting divorce case. Especially when the family is very, very rich. If Sarofim v. Sarofim actually comes to trial next January, court watchers can expect...

Not a Pretty Picture

21 years ago by Shaila Dewan
An institution shaped by a singular vision, as the tiny, prestigious Menil Collection shaped was by its founder, Dominique de Menil, is at its most vulnerable after the founder dies, as de Menil did 14 months ago. While de Menil's vision is still the guiding principle of the institution, even...

Politics of the Dance

19 years ago by Tim Fleck
If Houston Grand Opera failed to have a note taker at a dramatic and sometimes teary ad hoc meeting of dancers and staff of the Houston Ballet last week, it missed out on a great plot for one of HGO chief David Gockley's hypermodern productions. Here's the outline for the...

The Last Eccentric

22 years ago by Shaila Dewan
For two days before her funeral on January 3, Dominique de Menil lay in state, in the French tradition, in the one-story modern home she and her husband built amid the Tudor and neo-Gothic frippery of River Oaks. A small Max Ernst painting of a moon emerging from an auburn...

18 Interesting Photos to Discover at the FotoFest 2018 Biennial

2 years ago by Susie Tommaney
FotoFest offers a region-wide showcase of photography beginning with "home base" — a celebration of India and new media in the Washington Avenue Arts District and Asia Society Texas Center — plus satellite exhibits at dozens of participating spaces (galleries, coffee shops, museums, schools). We've selected a few interesting samples...

Courtship, River Oaks Style

22 years ago by George Flynn
On the night of November 14, 1996, Linda Sarofim Lowe awaited as the high black gates of her River Oaks Boulevard estate opened wide for the arrival of Earle Lilly. She knew him first as her lawyer -- and then as her lover. On that evening, Lilly came carrying the...

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