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Several Houston Astros In Hunt For The 2019 MLB All Star Game

2 days ago by Sean Pendergast
There was a time, not all that long ago, that the MLB All Star Game may as well have not even existed to Houston Astro fans. The year 2013 was only six seasons ago, and back then, catcher Jason Castro was participating in that game solely because the rules said...

Houston Concert Watch 3/27: Hozier, The Beach Boys and More

3 months ago by Cory Garcia
I'm in the middle of planning a vacation, and nothing puts the calendar of riches our live music venues provide more than trying to find things to do in a city with little to no touring shows. I'm a big believer in catching shows in different venues just for the experience...

Houston Film Critics Society Announces 2018 Awards Nominations

6 months ago by Pete Vonder Haar
There are difficult choices to be made in every category, except for Best Song, where "Ashes" from Deadpool 2 is the clear winner.

100 Creatives 2014: Mark Bradley, Camera Muse

5 years ago by Jef Rouner
What He Does: Some of Houston's best photographers combine to forma giant Voltronian force of artistic thunder under the umbrella of Muse Studios. Robert Gouner, Stanford Moore, Shelby Carter, Gracie Sosa, Rachel Tate are all part of the team, but today we're meeting Mark Bradley. Bradley drew and sketched his...

Creed II Follows Up a Classic With (Sigh) an OK Rocky Movie

7 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
The story concerns sort of a play date between the kids fathered by the first generation of Rocky boxers: Creed versus the son of Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago, who in Rocky IV was built up as pretty much the most devastating weapon in the Soviet nuclear arsenal

Openings & Closings: Bradley's Fine Diner Is on Hold & Michael's Cookie Jar Opens Downtown

5 years ago by Molly Dunn
Despite The Fresh Market expanding throughout Houston last year, one of the locations has already closed, and it's the one across the street from Central Market -- a likely reason for the market's closure. CultureMap reports that this is the only Fresh Market location closing in the Houston area; the...

A Cautionary Tale of Hitler's American Friends

9 months ago by Bob Ruggiero
Hitler’s American Friends: The Third Reich’s Supporters in the United States By Bradley H. Hart 304 pp. $28.99 Thomas Dunne Books It was a nice summer picnic in 1937 with a lot of the trappings you might find at any gathering with hundreds of families, food and drink, patriotic speakers,...

This 2018 Fall Movie Preview Will Help Distract You From Our Modern Hellscape

9 months ago by Pete Vonder Haar
Mike and the Mechanics once proclaimed "every generation hates the one before." The extended version of that song also explains why every generation gets another version of A Star Is Born.

Doctor Who: In Defense of Three Companions

11 months ago by Jef Rouner
San Diego Comic Con heralded a lot of tantalizing looks at Series 11 of Doctor Who and our new Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. In addition to the revamped sonic screwdriver, the trailers appear to confirm that we will have three full-time companions for the series, Mandip Gillas Yaz, Tosin Cole as...

Chef Chat, Part 2: Greg Lowry of Bradley's Fine Diner and Funky Chicken

4 years ago by Phaedra Cook
To be blunt, chef and longtime Houstonian Greg Lowry has been brought in by Bradley's Fine Diner as a fix-it man -- to build on the good things already in place such as a successful Sunday brunch menu and a gorgeous interior. Lowry's job is to tune up the menu...

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