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Michael Haaga

13 years ago by Steven Devadanam
Description: Slightly surreal pop-rock genius. It's been compared to everything from the Shins and the Flaming Lips to Tori Amos fronting Metallica. Haaga himself calls this music "heavy mellow." Members: Michael Haaga (vocals, guitar), Kelly Doyle (guitar), Jason Davis (bass), Brian Davis (drums), Dave Cummings (keyboards, guitar) Courtesy of Michael...

Houston's Gone Gaaga for Haaga

15 years ago by John Nova Lomax
The votes have been counted and the shows have been played. The deal's gone down, and the winners have their wonderful trophies. Houston's finest musical extravaganza -- one day in which Houston's downtown is transformed into Sixth Street during South By Southwest -- has come and gone, and a few...

Houston Press Singles Club: Bombon, Jamie Paige, Oceans of Slumber

2 years ago by David Garrick
The Houston Press Singles Club is back and the playlist of Houston music is nearing 100 songs. This edition is pretty off the chain with new jams from Bombon, Mystery Loves Company, Jamie Paige, Michael Haaga, and Oceans of Slumber. While we love that you subscribe to this list and...

Louis XIV T-Shirts for Sale. Cheap.

13 years ago by Houston Press
Some years back, Michael Haaga played a bill with Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV at the Engine Room. Haaga thought that Louis XIV, a then-buzzed about band, was pretty good. “I liked what I heard from them at the sound check,” he remembers. And backstage, Haaga told them so,...

Drenched In Blog: Beating Dead Horse

13 years ago by Houston Press
All the recent talk about the “Houston 100” reminded me of dead horse, Michael Haaga’s old thrash band. My first memory of this band is being at McDonald’s when I was eight. A group of crusty metal dudes in dead horse shirts and cutoff blue-jean shorts came in smoking cigarettes,...

Yes, deadhorse Is Playing Warehouse Live Saturday

8 years ago by Chris Gray
Ahh, the Internet - better than a game of Telephone. About an hour ago, the quiet of Rocks Off's peaceful Thursday afternoon (not really) was shattered by a phone call from Houston thrash-metal legends' deadhorse's manager. Evidently there is a rumor going around that Saturday's show at Warehouse Live is...

Frog Hair Will Be the Appropriate Level of Famous Someday

3 years ago by Creg Lovett
Somewhere in the refrain of each Frog Hair song, JJ White gives his audience something to hold onto, a brief phrase or a figure of speech we all share in common. Then, once we've swallowed that baited hook of comfort food, he reels us in, plumbing the depths of the...
Best Of Winner

Best Band to Break Up in the Past Year

Michael Haaga's Plus and Minus Show

We've always held that there was a Houston Press Music Awards jinx. Over the years, most of the bands that win big either break up shortly thereafter, move to Austin (never to be heard from again) or even end up in prison, as was the case with South Park Mexican...

Frog Hair Emerges From the Shadows

4 years ago by William Michael Smith
Frog Hair is a relatively new rock project by four grizzled Houston scene veterans: Pedro Yruegaz (drums), J.J. White (guitar), Scott Ayers (guitar, lap steel) and Michael Haaga (bass). Begun a year ago as a two-piece guitar and drums experiment, Yruegaz and White eventually asked former deadhorse guitarist Haaga to...

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