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RenFest's Opening Weekend Lets Houstonians Time Travel to Middle Ages

3 years ago by Carter Sherman
Hundreds of visitors to Todd Mission stepped into a time warp this weekend, as the Texas Renaissance  Festival opened its gates for its 42nd season. Everyone from a shirtless man in Ray-Ban sunglasses carrying a bottle of red wine, to a woman in a bright blue Cinderella dress—complete with six-foot-long...

As RenFest Ends Latest Season, Look Back at How Time-Traveling Fair Began

3 years ago by Carter Sherman
Once upon a time – back in ye olden days of 1974 – the Texas Renaissance Festival was nothing more than 15 acres of a strip-mined gravel quarry pit, complete with a few tents, makeshift platform stages and bales of hay. Now spanning just under 60 acres and boasting nearly...

Lawyerly Liaisons

19 years ago by Lauren Kern
"It just happened," says Houston attorney Mitch Gaspard, sounding like a teenager who lost track of time or kissed someone other than his steady. But Gaspard is talking about the much more serious matter of having sex with his client, something that some attorneys say should never "just happen." It's...

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