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Hardin and Buzbee Continue Public Squabble Over Disclosure of Accuser Names

26 days ago by Sean Pendergast
On Thursday afternoon, we had our latest court proceedings in the ongoing saga of Deshaun Watson facing off with 22 civil lawsuit plaintiffs, all females with various job titles and certifications within the massage therapy industry. While, on paper, there was "nothing of substance" really occurring (Rusty Hardin's exact words,...

Hundreds of Thousands of Potentially Killer Airbags Still On Texas Roads

6 days ago by Schaefer Edwards
Takata-brand airbags were recalled all the way back in 2008 after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered life-threatening malfunctions that could shoot dangerous metal shrapnel at car passengers when the airbags deployed. But even though 19 people have been killed by these defective airbags and hundreds more have been...

Two Years After Her Astros Foul Ball Injury, Tracy Nabors Doesn't Want To Be Just Another Statistic

6 days ago by Schaefer Edwards
Tracy Nabors, a Willis High School English teacher whose jaw was broken in three places, lost multiple teeth and is still dealing with chronic pain and steep medical expenses after she was hit by a foul ball during batting practice at an Astros game on June 14, 2019, doesn’t like...

Remembering Jim Henley, Who Showed What it Means to Make An Impact

8 days ago by Reid Hopkins
I was at Pappas Seafood on the Gulf Freeway, eating lunch with Jim Henley, when I said something I’ll always regret. Some in the Houston community will recall Jim as one of the Democrats who tried and failed to unseat Republican congressman John Culberson, before Lizzie Fletcher finally succeeded in...

Yusef Lateef's Worldwide Jazz Journey Reissued on Vinyl

12 days ago by Bob Ruggiero
As vinyl continues its unlikely resurgence for a music media format, audiophiles are drooling over their turntables (though likely quick to wipe it off) at the hundreds of albums — many out of print for decades — being reissued. And not just like they were originally. Many are coming out...

Night Ranger Wants You to Know: You Can Still Rock in Houston

13 days ago by Bob Ruggiero
As live concerts slowly start up again and bands cautiously plot summer and fall tours, it may be hard to tell who will be more excited: those standing in front of the stage, or those on it. For Jack Blades, singer/bassist for classic rockers Night Ranger, their upcoming Houston show...

The Fight Against Trans Athletes is Also Misogyny

13 days ago by Jef Rouner
This week, the Texas House Committee on Public Education dealt what might be a fatal blow to a bill that would have mandated trans athletes compete only in sports that corresponded to the gender they were assigned at birth. The bill was voted down by the committee, leaving it unlikely...

Dan Patrick's Texas Senate Is All That Stands In The Way Of Permitless Handguns In Texas

15 days ago by Schaefer Edwards
Until just a few days ago, it looked like the legislative push to allow Texans to carry handguns without permits was on life support after Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said a Texas House-backed proposal to allow permitless carry didn’t have enough support in the Texas Senate to get a full-hearing,...

Hidalgo and Turner Cancel Events With Houston's Biggest Business Group Over Silence On Texas Voter Bills

13 days ago by Schaefer Edwards
After weeks of pressuring the Greater Houston Partnership to get off the sidelines and speak out against controversial state voting bills, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced Wednesday that they were fed-up with the organization’s silence and officially cancelled their annual State of the City...

First Accuser of Deshaun Watson Speaks Publicly: "We Were All Deceived"

1 month ago by Sean Pendergast
When Tony Buzbee notified his Instagram followers late last week that there would be a press conference on Tuesday, he promised to "address important and significant developments" in the Watson case. As it turns out, Buzbee did much more than that. Among a slew of guests at the conference, which...

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