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The World Cup Soccer Final: Netherlands vs. Spain

With Sunday's Final pitting the Netherlands against Spain, there will be a new country's name joining the seven already engraved on the bottom of the FIFA World Cut Trophy. While this year's edition of the quadrennial tournament is the 19th, there are only eight nations who have won soccer's biggest...

Openings and Closings: Peli Peli Woodlands Opens, Toasted Coconut Debuts, Night Heron Evolves

4 months ago by Lorretta Ruggiero
Peli Peli, 1201 Lake Woodlands, opened September 3. The South African-inspired restaurant takes its name from the bird's eye chili pepper discovered by Portuguese settlers in the South African plains nearly 600 years ago. This makes the fourth location for Peli Peli restaurant, which was co-founded in 2010 by Thomas...

Anne Frank's Tale Lives On In Chamber Music Format

5 months ago by Sam Byrd
The Houston Chamber Choir will perform Annelies, the first major setting of The Diary of Anne Frank, September 21 and 22 at Holocaust Museum Houston, featuring a special appearance and talk by composer James Withbourn.

Houston By the Neighborhood: Touring the Homes and Gardens in the Heights

10 months ago by Susie Tommaney
Charming, historic, pedestrian friendly, and now with beer and wine available from the grocery store, the Heights neighborhood remains one of Houston's shining stars. With an eclectic mix of Victorian and Queen Anne style residences, interspersed with new construction and domiciles-turned-offices, it's easy to envy those lucky enough to live...

Dive Headfirst Into the Brilliant But Short Career of Vincent van Gogh at MFAH

10 months ago by Susie Tommaney
Vincent van Gogh believed that a creative force animated all forms of life, and looking back at his brief but brilliant career as an artist, it's clear that the Dutch Post-Impressionist had tapped into his own "something of the eternal" in painting his portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Through June, Houstonians...

Houston Ballet is Footloose and Fancy Free in ROBBINS: A Centennial Celebration

11 months ago by Natalie de la Garza
The Houston Ballet celebrates Jerome Robbins in ROBBINS: A Centennial Celebration, staging three of the choreographer’s trademark works.

March Art Shows: GONZO247, Vincent van Gogh, and Bayou City Art Festival

11 months ago by Susie Tommaney
Van Gogh and graffiti in the same month? We do things our way in the Bayou City, and in the weeks ahead we'll view works by the Dutch Post-Impressionist painter as well as GONZO247's evolution as an artist. Yet there's plenty more to see in Houston's galleries, museums and art spaces...

Performance Artists to Take Calculated Risks and Drop Trou in Houston Festival

12 months ago by Susie Tommaney
The Lone Star State is the land of cowboys and wildcatters, J.R. Ewing and Walker Texas Ranger. So how to reconcile being a gay Latino in the heart of all that white male machismo? Performance artist Jose Villalobos deals with those sometimes conflicting identities by calf-roping his own body on a...

Tales From The Top Shelf: Genever

1 year ago by Kate McLean
Smoke lazily escapes his mouth as he reaches down to casually check the silver watch attached to his vest. Flicking the thin cigar over and over again he leans long against the wall. He isn’t a hipster, he’s old fashioned and maybe he’s brooding because he’s all alone or maybe...

The Most Ridiculous Defense for Loot Boxes

1 year ago by Jef Rouner
The Federal Trade Commission is finally investigating loot boxes in video games for their connection to gambling, and there have been some truly ridiculous defenses against that. For those who aren’t gamers, loot boxes are a concept in gaming that are extremely controversial. They are generally power-ups or cosmetic features...

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