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Patrick Renner's Sentinel Stands Guard at City Hall

5 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
There's a plain esplanade, with grass and trees, on Montrose in front of the Art League of Houston building now. Up until recently, the colorful, whimsical Funnel Tunnel snaked its way through the trees. The public art installation was created by Patrick Renner, a 2015 Houston Press MasterMind Award winner...

Patrick Renner's "Funnel Tunnel" Installation Celebrates Montrose

6 years ago by Altamese Osborne
If art was human, Patrick Renner's installations would personify the skeletal system. Many of his installations begin as hollow structures, which he either fills up or attaches something to. That "something" is usually wood, and when working solely with wood, Renner creates thick, surly, unbreakable pieces streaked with rainbow colors...

MasterMinds 2015 Revisited: Artist Patrick Renner

4 years ago by Susie Tommaney
This month the Houston Press will celebrate its eighth year of handing out MasterMind Awards, designed to go to three individuals or groups who are contributing a lot to the Houston area's artistic landscape. It is awarded to groups or individuals doing great things now, folks who could use a little...

Magical and Fantastic: Patrick Renner Transforms Dream Images into Reality

5 years ago by Adam Castaneda
Walk through Eastwood Park on Harrisburg Boulevard and be prepared for a bit of visual hijinks. Depending on your vantage point, you might see an aluminum rocket ship jutting upward or a bicycle Ferris wheel spinning in the wind. An orange automobile plods through the air and a Chinese dragon...

100 Creatives 2013: Patrick Renner: Sculptor of the Abstract and the Esoteric

7 years ago by Jef Rouner
Who: Patrick Renner is a sculptor specializing in geometrical and architectural creations, mostly from recycled colored wood. He began his career with LEGO as a boy, but developed his talent with wood at the hands of his grandfather, a skilled carpenter. His pieces are fairly abstract objects and installations ranging...

Patrick Renner's Art is Magical and Fantastic

5 years ago
From the Funnel Tunnel to Conduit, Patrick Renner is helping to make Houston a more whimsical place. We sat down to talk with the artist and watched him and others work as part of the Conduit paint party.

Help Paint the Next Big Sculpture from Artist Patrick Renner and Flying Carpet

4 years ago by Susie Tommaney
We've been hearing a lot from artist Patrick Renner of late – between touching base to see how he's been doing since being named one of the Houston Press MasterMind winners for 2015 (he got engaged and is now a full-time artist) – and learning about his new collaboration with...

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