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Port Arthur Shares The Polluting Load

13 years ago by Richard Connelly
Complain if you like of the pollution emanating from industries that line the Houston Ship Channel, but this week a petrochemical manufacturing plant in Port Arthur stakes its claim as one of the state's top-dog environmental scofflaws. BASF FINA Petrochemical Limited Partnerships has gotten whacked with a $250,753 penalty by...

Port Arthur Residents Sue Premcor Refining

13 years ago by Chris Vogel
Nearly 100 residents of Port Arthur have joined forces in court to sue the Premcor Refining Group, accusing the company of pumping toxic chemicals into the air and harming many of the area’s children. According to the lawsuit filed last Friday in Jefferson County District Court on behalf of 78...

Documentary Takes A Look At Houston, Port Arthur

12 years ago by Richard Connelly
Vanguard producer Lauren Cerre filmed The Great American Detour over a three-week period as she went from Los Angeles to New York, stopping at eight cities and towns along the way to talk to young people about their concerns regarding the upcoming election. Instead of asking, “What do you think...

Port Arthur Rap Prodigy Mickey Woods Jr, in His Own Words

4 years ago by Brandon Caldwell
Mickey Woods Jr.'s lyrics paint a portrait of the promising young Port Arthur rapper.

Port Arthur Environmental Group Says, "Bring On The Sarin Gas!!"

12 years ago by Richard Connelly
It's tough enough being an environmental group in Port Arthur. It's kind of being anti-gay in Key West: You're not going to eradicate it all.But it's also not every day when you announced that you're fine with the feds bringing in chemical-warfare waste to your town.That's what Hilton Kelley, director...

Say What? "All-White" Reunion Party for Port Arthur School

9 years ago by Richard Connelly
Things That Cause a Double Take, Part XXXVII: This invitation, brought to our attention by the Bayou Blog, for a reunion for the defunct Lincoln High in Port Arthur. Given the troubled race relations in that part of the state, it's something that makes you think it could just possibly...

Edwin James Johnson: Legend Of The Port Arthur Pimp Game

11 years ago by John Nova Lomax
As the hometown of late Texas rap legend Pimp C., you'd expect the pimp game in Port Arthur to be pretty damn strong. Innovative, even. If the case of Edwin James Johnson is any indication, you would not be disappointed.According to TV station KBMT, Johnson "gave prospective customers 'coupons' with...

It's A Long, Long List Of Pollution Events For A Port Arthur Plant

12 years ago by Steve Olafson
Total Petrochemicals USA, Inc., based here in Houston, agreed this week to come clean on a rather big problem that was three and a half years in the making.From a Houston point of view, it could have been worse, as the problem was over at Total's Port Arthur facility, sparing...

Remembering Janis: Port Arthur's Pearl Would Have Been 67 Today

11 years ago by Craig Hlavaty
Today would have been Port Arthur native Janis Joplin's 67th birthday. Rocks Off started his day at the desk with her greatest-hits collection and all her work with Big Brother & the Holding Company that gets overlooked in lieu of her bigger singles. Pearl is still seen by many as...

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