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Take That, Princeton!

13 years ago by Houston Press
This guy clearly wasn't a Rice grad. You ever notice how folks who went to Rice always refer to their time in college as "When I was at Rice"? It might not seem like much, but this verbal tic makes the school's alumni fairly unique. When talking about that four-year...

Openings and Closings: Creed Replaces Mascalzone, Taste Bar + Kitchen Opens Soon

1 year ago by Lorretta Ruggiero
Creed Italian Restaurant and Bar, 12126 Westheimer, opened in the spot formerly occupied by Mascalzone, which closed February 28. Creed Italian quickly opened, after a few minor renovations, March 1 for its soft opening. A grand opening is planned for next month. The new owner, Alireza Delavari is a native...

The Latinx Festival Continues at Stages Repertory Theatre

1 year ago by Margaret Downing
Even before last year's inaugural Sin Muros: A Latinx Theatre Festival was over, organizers were already working on plans for this year. First year attendance was "beyond our dreams," says this year's festival coordinator Trevor Boffone and the normal theater audience at Stages Repertory Theatre was bolstered by a lot...

Rice No. 7 on List of America's Smartest Universities

6 years ago by Jeff Balke
Everyone in Houston knows those kids at Rice are a smart lot. Sure, Valhalla might have a weird dress code issue, but otherwise, it's a nice place with a lot of generally intelligent people. So it should come as no surprise that Rice University made Lumosity's list of the smartest...

Rice University Ranks 19 on US News' "Best Colleges of 2015" List

6 years ago by Susan Du
Rice University remains the best college in Texas according to US News & World Report's 2015 rankings. But it's hanging on to the top 20 by the skin of its teeth. Rice fell from 18 last year to 19 this year. It's unclear who or what knocked the university down...

Rice University Is Still A Value. An Expensive Value, But A Value

11 years ago by Cathy Matusow
In 2003, tuition to Rice University was $18,850. By 2008, it had risen to $29,960 - an increase of $11,110, or about 59 percent.Does that mean Rice is losing its reputation as the go-to school for an awesome, awesomely priced education? Apparently not.Despite the steep tuition increase, Rice was recently...

The Surprising Origins of These Beloved Texas Songs

3 years ago by Chris Gray
Happy Texas Independence Day!

NASA's Broken Kepler Telescope Has Found More Than 1,200 New Planets

4 years ago by Dianna Wray
It's amazing what a broken spacecraft can do. The Kepler Space Telescope has technically been busted for the past three years, but it keeps finding new exoplanets.  On Tuesday NASA scientists announced that Kepler has done it again, identifying 1,248 additional exoplanets, the largest single find of a clutch of...

Back to School: 10 of the Country's Prettiest College Campuses

9 years ago by CAROLINE EVANS
Kenyon College Chapel About a week ago, we posted pictures of ten of the country's ugliest college campuses. The post was rather popular and garnered a slew of comments (pretty much all about our number one pick -- "Anything SUNY. Sorry, SUNY). Encouraged by the response, and recognizing that frosh...

Houston Rabbi's STD iPhone App Sure to Liven Up Seders

9 years ago by Craig Malisow
A bunch of Jewish chicks from Houston don't want you to get an STD.Houston rabbi Amy Weiss, along with her Initiative for Jewish Women, has created the LoveSmarts iPhone app, which might be the only app with a Space Invaders-style game where you zap the clap. (You also use a...

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.