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Ripping Off Robb Walsh

13 years ago by Houston Press
Heard about the plagiarism scandal at The Bulletin in Montgomery County? Well, looks like the Chron's Alison Cook has uncovered examples of the paper ripping off our very own Robb Walsh, including whole paragraphs from "The Art of Smoke." Kudos to Alison for the heads up, and shame (!) on...

Robb Walsh, On Being A Plagiaree

13 years ago by Richard Connelly
I felt a weird sense of pride to find myself among the writers that Mark Williams at the Montgomery County Bulletin ripped off. I just finished reading his recent restaurant review “Where There's Smoke, There's BBQ.” Of the 1338 words, 515 of were plagarized from my article “The Art of...

Robb Walsh: Texas Eats

9 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
We admit we have a soft spot for cookbook author Robb Walsh; he was the Houston Press food critic for several years before striking out on his own as a full-time author and restaurant owner. But even if we didn’t know him and his award-winning writing (Walsh has three James...

Where's Robb Walsh?

14 years ago by Houston Press
He's at our new food blog, Eating...Our Words. Robb will still be dropping in on regular ol' Houstoned from time to time, but we've decided to give him his own space to talk tacos, shrimp, wine or whatever else is on his mind. But don't worry. He won't be lonely...

Let's Raise a Glass to Robb Walsh

11 years ago by Margaret Downing
Eating...Our Words must sadly announce that our intrepid food writer Robb Walsh is moving to freelance status. While he'll no longer be a member of our full-time staff, Walsh pledges to complete his list of 100 favorite Houston dishes for us. And don't be surprised to see the occasional blog...

Robb Walsh: The Hunter Will Become The Hunted

11 years ago by Richard Connelly
Max Bialystock, as portrayed in the show-biz documentary The Producers, had only two rules for doing his job:1. Never put your own money in the show.And 2: NEVER PUT YOUR OWN MONEY IN THE SHOW!!!Robb Walsh, the cuddly, lovable former Houston Press food critic, is not taking this advice. Walsh,...

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