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100 Creatives 2012: Radu Runcanu, Painter from Romania

7 years ago by Steve Jansen
Radu Runcanu was interested in all sorts of things when he arrived in the United States from Transylvania. From an artistic stance, the painter, drawer and sculptor was awfully curious about how his Old World background would intersect with Houston, which must have looked like the newest of the New...

Broadening the Family: Amanda Pascali Will Perform at Mucky Duck Before Heading to Europe

4 months ago by Gladys Fuentes
Listening to Amanda Pascali is an auditory passport, she manages to mix a traditional American Folk sound with the Mediterranean sounds of her ancestors. Her songs often narrate the experience of many first generation Americans; not being American enough for this country and yet being too American for their country...

Through The Lens

Thursday, September 26, 7:00PM @ The Revaire
Chevron presents “Through The Lens” benefiting the ongoing work of the Baylor College of Medicine International Pediatric AIDS Initiative (BIPAI) at Texas Children’s Hospital. Immerse yourself in...

Amanda Pascali Invites Listeners to Follow Love, Resistance and Truth on Still It Moves

9 months ago by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
Maybe you don’t recognize it, but Amanda Pascali says there’s a love song at the heart of any good political song. “I like to think of my music, especially the political songs, as more of an internal journey than an external one. A lot of folk musicians think they have...

Openings and Closings: Kau Ba Saigon and Indigo Debut

1 year ago by Lorretta Ruggiero
Kau Ba Saigon Kitchen & Bar, 25028 Dunlavy, had its grand opening July 31, according to Houston Food Finder. Chef and restaurateur Nikki Tran became known to American foodies after her restaurant, Ca Ba Quan in Ho Chi Minh City, was featured on the first episode of David Chang's Netflix...

Comrade Detective’s Commies and Castlevania’s Clergy Run Western Civ Through the Wringer

2 years ago by Alan Scherstuhl
Comrade Detective premieres on Amazon Prime August 4. Castlevania streams on Netflix. Only slowly does it become clear that Comrade Detective, a star-driven meta-prank cop-show curio, isn't supposed to suck. This fact hit me early in the second episode, a full hour into this squirmiest of prestige streaming series, when...

Lamar Smith Claims Russians Are Backing Environmental Groups Attacking Fracking

2 years ago by Dianna Wray
It was only a matter of time before Representative Lamar Smith found a new hobby. After all, a person can only spend so much time as the chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology attacking anything that even hints at confirming climate change or looking for yet another...

Ten Things to Do in Houston for $10 or Less (Seven Free), July 20-26

2 years ago by Natalie de la Garza
Check out the Houston Press calendar for even more things to do.

Graduation Lays Bare the Cost of Thriving in a Corrupt Society

2 years ago by Bilge Ebiri
Romanian director Cristian Mungiu’s Graduation is one of the best films I’ve ever seen about corruption. That’s true despite the fact that Mungiu underplays the typical elements found in tales about this subject: You won’t find many fast-talking crooks, sinister cops or elaborate sting operations here. Or a looming sense...

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