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Revisiting Johnny Winter's Hell-Raising Memoir

5 years ago by Bob Ruggiero
Raisin' Cain; The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter By Mary Lou Sullivan Backbeat Books, 384 pp., $24.99 As is the case when any musician dies, widespread interest in his or her career and catalog shoots up in the immediate aftermath. And that has certainly been the case with...

A Hard Case of the Blues

26 years ago by Jim Sherman
Three months ago, Glendora Wilson walked home from work to find a blues fan standing on the porch of her Third Ward home. The fan was there to show her an ad in Living Blues, the world's most respected journal of African American roots music. It was an ad she...


Incomplete Coverage I am writing in regard to the April 21 article "Still Lives" [by Ann Walton Sieber]. As an active participant in the community of artists' models, I was excited to participate in what I hoped to be a long-overdue expose of this widely misunderstood occupation. I therefore regret...

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

16 years ago by John Nova Lomax
No one man caused more harm to Houston's music community than Roy Ames, who passed away August 14 of natural causes at age 66 at his home in West University. Johnny Winter left town for the express purpose of getting away from him. Joe "Guitar" Hughes called him "the Texas...

Blues for Freddie

21 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Freddie King is not alive to battle those who would seek to profit from his legend. The blues guitarist, a man whose music inspired the likes of Stevie Ray and Jimmie Vaughan and Eric Clapton, has been dead since December 28, 1976, when years of bleeding ulcers and pancreatitis caused...


Blue Berry Caring couple: I am disappointed after reading your article about Michael and Nandy Berry ["Running Mates," by Tim Fleck, August 28]. I think you have totally misled your readers about them. Are they ambitious? Yes. They're a young, energetic couple, and there's nothing wrong with that. Are they...

25 More Legendary Houston Music Venues

6 years ago by Houston Press
When Rocks Off published our choices for "Houston's Top 25 Closed Music Venues" back in July, we knew all along there would be a Part 2. We just didn't know how many were left. Today, after excavating the memories of 25 more, we're still probably not done. Please let us...


23 years ago by Hobart Rowland
Only a speck of Houston in Austin... If my only job at this week's South by Southwest Music and Media Conference were to witness every showcase performance by a Houston artist, my efforts would amount to little more than a day's work. Houston's representation at the event is a piddling...

Juicy Stuff

25 years ago by Brad Tyer
Newsy Stuff: You may remember a cover story by blues historian and Press contributor Jim Sherman that ran in this paper some months ago regarding a certain Roy Ames and his Clarity Music and Home Cooking Records companies. Local blues artists certainly do, and a recent bit of mail from...

Consummate Gentleman

21 years ago by Roger Wood
American pop culture has been heartily indulging its fascination with a hopped-up, watered-down update of traditional jump blues, evidenced most readily by the rise of neo-swing. But the original swingers were digging that sound decades before it was co-opted by today's retro trendsetters and corporate deities. If there was ever...

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