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Seth MacFarlane's Comedy Western Pulls Off Its Trick Shot

5 years ago by Amy Nicholson
We're still adjusting to Seth MacFarlane as a big-screen star. Not just because his breakneck absurdist humor often demands viewers pause and rewind, but because the man himself looks like a hand-inked cartoon, with his black, pupil-less eyes and an alabaster baby face that, lacking cheekbones that could carve in...

Houston Author's Tragicomic Memoir About Her Late Brother, Comedian and Writer Harris Wittels

1 year ago by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
When we talk with Stephanie Wittels Wachs, it’s a Friday morning. She apologizes in advance for the cartoons which might seep into our interview from the background. She’s turned on the television for her 4-year-old daughter, Iris, who already knows how to operate the Roku and has to shush her...

Court Ruling Could Change How Teens Are Certified As Adults in Criminal Cases

4 years ago by Michael Barajas
In late 2008, Harris County prosecutors sought to convince a judge to transfer 16-year-old Cameron Moon's murder case from juvenile to adult court. At Moon's certification hearing, prosecutor's called only one witness: the Deer Park police detective who investigated the shooting death of Christopher Seabrook during a drug deal gone...

Ali Wong’s Baby Cobra: Have We Entered Television’s Golden Age of Transgressive Pregnancy?

3 years ago by Robyn Bahr
25 years ago, Annie Leibovitz stunned America with her infamous portrait of Demi Moore — nude, bronzed, seven months pregnant — on the cover of Vanity Fair. The image of Moore's proud, bare body, heavy with child and unmistakably erotic, meant that in some states the magazine had to be...

2014 Emmy Roundup: Lots of Dresses, Very Few Photos!

5 years ago by Christina Uticone
Seth Meyer made us laugh, the E! Network red carpet crew made us cringe, and the winners made us yawn. Another Emmys award show is in the books. Ryan Seacrest's absence was deeply felt. If you watched even a few minutes of last night's E! Live from the Red Carpet...

Reviews for the Easily Distracted:
A Million Ways to Die in the West

5 years ago by Pete Vonder Haar
Title: A Million Ways To Die In The West How Many Ways To Die In The West Do We See? A few dozen. Bit of a ripoff, really. Rating Using Random Objects Relevant To The Film: Two Men With No Name out of five. Brief Plot Synopsis: Well-meaning sheep farmer...

Pop Rocks: Best Moments of the James Franco Roast (SNSFW)

6 years ago by Abby Koenig
The Friars Club, a very exclusive frat comprised of comedians and celebrities, has become widely known for its annual roasts. A "roast" is the bizarre process of having a distinguished guest sit awkwardly in front of a large crowd as friends and non-friends make lewd and contemptuous jokes at his...

The 2013 Fall Pilots Look Halfway Decent

6 years ago by Abby Koenig
Every year around this time the networks pin all of their monetary aspirations on several pilots that they hope will eventually be the next Friends. The 2013 pilots have been released and several trends have floated to the top. 1. Single-camera Comedies With the critical success of comedies like The...

For Their Own Good

10 years ago by Chris Vogel
George awakes scared and confused. He's had the dream again, the one where he is living back at home, where he can wander into the kitchen at any hour to down a glass of milk or fix himself a bowl of his favorite cereal. He'd had dreams like this before,...

It's a Wacky Life

10 years ago by Scott Foundas
After devoting his first two films as director, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, to getting laid and having kids, respectively, Judd Apatow brings the circle of life to a close with Funny People, which stars Adam Sandler as George Simmons, a popular, Sandler-esque movie star diagnosed with a rare...

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