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Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

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Museum of Fine Arts Houston: Madeleine

11 years ago by Olivia Flores Alvarez
The woman at the center of Madeleine has one too many lovers. After an affair with a Frenchman, she becomes engaged to an Englishman. But the Frenchman isn’t giving up so easily. Based on the true story of a Glasgow woman, the 1949 film is directed by David Lean. 7...

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: The Shining

7 years ago by Jef with One F
Some consider filmmaker Stanley Kubrick a genius; others consider him a lunatic. That duality was never more apparent than with his production of the horror classic The Shining. Decades later, fans are still discussing the film's artistic value and theorizing over its supposed hidden messages about genocide, government conspiracies and...

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: The Garden

10 years ago by D. L. Groover
The most fruitful gardens are filled with worms and shit. After the deadly 1992 L.A. riots, known ever after as the “Rodney King” riots, a 14-acre plot of land at the intersection of 41st and Alameda, smack in the heart of South Central, was miraculously transformed into a community garden...

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston - Beck Building


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