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Scouting Report: Trae's Son, Rapper Lil' Jared, Hits the Court

7 years ago by Shea Serrano
The kid shooting the free throw, that's Jared. He's a rapper. And this is kind of about him, but also about some other people. Because this is kind of about rap, but also about some other things. Jared's father is Trae tha Truth, which means a few different things: 1...


11 years ago by Shea Serrano
Only one objective measuring stick truly matters when it comes to determining the validity of a rapper proclaiming his status as "real": Does he make you feel like a badass? On his latest LP, Life Goes On, Houston's Trae does exactly that. By the time I made it halfway through,...


11 years ago by Shea Serrano
Trae tha Truth is an Asshole. Seriously. A founding member of Houston's Assholes By Nature crew, Trae eschews the candy-painted landscape extolled by Mike Jones, et al. Instead, he exposes the sober, unforgiving realities of urban street life. Rising to fame on a wave of consistently solid albums and the...

Trae Cool

13 years ago by John Nova Lomax
From the first time you heard it, you knew Trae's "Swang" was a huge song. Like Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or the Geto Boys' "Mind Playin' Tricks on Me," it is simply magical -- musical opium. The chilled, jazzy track recycles, slows down and enhances LL Cool J's circular...

Trae Tha Truth Is No Longer Looking Back

2 years ago by Brandon Caldwell
In the grand scheme of things, Trae could have been a pastor.

Trae Tha Truth Pumped For Today's Trae Day

8 years ago by Shea Serrano
Rejoice. Today is Trae Day, a city-sanctioned holiday that was established in 2008 and champions the efforts of rapper Trae tha Truth, a noted humanitarian, social activist and Asshole by Nature. Two years ago, Trae Day was marred when, following the festivities, gunshots were fired into a crowd of those...

Trae Tha Truth's Decade of Giving Back

2 years ago by Camilo Hannibal Smith
The annual celebration, its namesake says, is about "being part of the community and the city."

On Trae Day No. 8, a Rapper at the Center of His Community

4 years ago by Brandon Caldwell
“My burden is to describe things as precisely as I see them.” – Ta-Nehisi Coates Trae Tha Truth is all smiles inside Wire Road Studios. The 35-year-old rapper is busy walking around, shaking hands and offering embraces to anyone who would ask. He wears gold on his hands and around...

Trae Day 2014 in Photos

5 years ago by Marco Torres
Six years ago, in the sweltering summer of 2008, the City of Houston bestowed a proclamation upon one of its citizens, a certain Frazier Othel Thompson. Rap fans know the man much better now as Trae Tha Truth, Houston's own "King of the Streets." The following year, the city was...

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