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U.S. Woman Got 'Invasive Cavity Searches' Coming Back to the U.S., ACLU Says

6 years ago by Dianna Wray
If there's anything worse than rolling up to the U.S.-Texas border and getting flagged by agents with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, it's getting flagged, searched and probed by those agents. On December 8, 2012, agents frisked and strip-searched a U.S. citizen as she was trying to return to...

Immigration: Cubans Enter U.S. at Texas-Mexico Border

12 years ago by Russell Cobb
Enveloped by darkness, a tractor rumbles down the hills that surround Cuba's western coast. The tractor pulls a cart loaded with a makeshift boat constructed from aluminum tubing and an old car motor. Fourteen Cubans cram into the craft, destined for a twisting river that leads to the Yucatán Channel...

A Quicker Way Through Customs At Bush Intercontinental

10 years ago by Paul Knight
Hair Balls was escorted by a customs agent out of the Bush airport today, and we left through a door with a big red sign that said, "Do Not Exit, Alarm Will Sound." When we exited and the alarm didn't sound, the agent chuckled a bit and said, "That's government."We...

Bloody Tide: How Puerto Rico Affects the U.S.

7 years ago by Michael E. Miller
Julio Ramos Oliver died over a spilled drink. It was just after midnight January 20, and Old San Juan shook with the fiesta de San Sebastián. Under the golden glow of street lamps, more than 100,000 Puerto Ricans packed onto the narrow cobblestone calles for the year's biggest party. Dressed...

U.S. informants take part in murder and drug running in Mexico

13 years ago by Jesse Hyde
There is one chair in the room and they sit him in it. He pulls out his wallet. He's looking for a number. A phone number, an address. That is why he is here. Fernando the lawyer. Fernando the drug trafficker. He's got a load of marijuana, and they want...

Is it Legal for Border Patrol Agents to Shoot and Kill Unarmed Mexican Kids — So Long as They Fire Across the Border?

4 years ago by Michael Barajas
The family of 15-year-old Sergio Hernandez says he was simply fooling around with friends near the Paso del Norte Bridge, which stretches into downtown El Paso, when U.S. Border Patrol Agent Jesus Mesa pulled up and spotted the boys on June 7, 2010. The boys had been daring each other...

ACLU of Texas Sues for Excessive Force and False Arrest at Texas-Mexico Border

6 years ago by Dianna Wray
In a lawsuit filed Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas charges that an agent of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection used unwarranted force and physically abused a U.S. citizen when she questioned his search of her purse. Laura Mireles, who is disabled, suffered physical injuries after abusive,...

Domingo Quezada-Hernandez: Tries to Cross into U.S. with $610K in Spare Tire

7 years ago by Richard Connelly
Travel books tell you to take some extra cash for emergencies when making a trip, but try telling that to the Customs and Border Protection officers in Brownsville. Domingo Quezada-Hernandez was coming across from Mexico to visit our fair land and -- no doubt hearing we are a backward country...

Border Bound

21 years ago by Stuart Eskenazi
A commercial truck carrying bottled water rumbles up the rocky street, stopping in front of one of the 25 or so homes in a listless neighborhood in the town of Socorro, ten miles east of El Paso. The driver slings a water jug over his shoulder and drops it on...

PETA Be Buggin' About Blinged-Out Border Beetle

10 years ago by John Nova Lomax
Contraband along the Texas-Mexico border flows both ways. Drugs tend to come north. Desperados on the lam tend to flow south. But every now and then there's a novelty like this woman and her strange pet. The Brownsville Herald picks up the tale: It wasn't marijuana, cocaine or even heroin that U.S...

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