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Get the Deets on Texodus, Pelosi and POTUS Wannabes at Texas Tribune Fest

6 days ago by Susie Tommaney
How and where do you get your news? Do you wait for the carrier to toss your paper at the curb? Perhaps you live in a rural area where it's a financial choice between internet and cable TV. Were you letting Stephen Colbert feed you biased snippets on YouTube? Or maybe...

Trump Reportedly Considering Rick Perry As Next Homeland Security Head

2 years ago by Dianna Wray
Watching Energy Secretary Rick Perry sporting sequins as he awkwardly ambled across the floor on Dancing With the Stars last year would lead many Americans to assume the former Texas governor's political career was dead. But, Perry has proven shockingly resilient — and he may be up for another plumb post...

Houston By the Neighborhood: Upscale and Established Afton Oaks

1 month ago by Susie Tommaney
Prestigious, upscale and established are just a few of the words that best describe the tony Afton Oaks neighborhood, according to Lew Faraclas of Hellenic Bros., LLC. "Its very close proximity to The Galleria, Loop 610 and State Highway 59 make it one of Houston’s most sought-after communities," says the broker...

Janet Napolitano = Homeland Futility

11 years ago by Michael Lacey
Consorting with anti-immigrant enforcers, indulging rank opportunism, and adhering to failed policies seem an unlikely recipe for change we can believe in. And yet this very cocktail of mediocrity — stirred by an early endorsement of Barack Obama — has thrust Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano into the heady midst of...

Slurs, Right Wing Diatribes and Misdirection Abound at the Texans Against Communism Event

3 months ago by Jef Rouner
In Saturday's Texans Against Communism event, part of a Latinos for Trump conference held in The Woodlands, a lead-off speaker questioned the genders of both Barack and Michelle Obama, while another quoted a reading from the Proud Boys (who describe themselves as "western chauvinists" but who the Southern Poverty Law...

Bloody Tide: How Puerto Rico Affects the U.S.

7 years ago by Michael E. Miller
Julio Ramos Oliver died over a spilled drink. It was just after midnight January 20, and Old San Juan shook with the fiesta de San Sebastián. Under the golden glow of street lamps, more than 100,000 Puerto Ricans packed onto the narrow cobblestone calles for the year's biggest party. Dressed...

Dad is Not Coming Home to Save America

4 months ago by Jef Rouner
This week, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller III broke his long silence with a brief press conference. The highlights were these: 1. Russia really did interfere with the 2016 election with specific intent to make sure Hillary Clinton – who President Vladimir Putin was afraid would stop his Doctor Doom...

Joe Jackson and Houston Fans Celebrate His 40 Years (And Counting) In Music

4 months ago by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
Joe Jackson Cullen Theater at Wortham Center May 29, 2019 A 40th anniversary could be a solemn moment in one’s life. Any event designed to look back on decades of triumphs and failures might veer into something too sober to really celebrate. Joe Jackson and his bandmates, who came to...

Homeland Security Won't Let a Former IRA Man Out of Prison

11 years ago by John Nova Lomax
In six hours this past January, all the good that Pól Brennan had ever done came unraveled. The 56-year-old Belfast-born carpenter and his American wife Joanna Volz were in their brand-new Sportsmobile camper van, heading from Volz's parents' home on South Padre Island to Austin to visit friends. From Austin,...

UT Hacks Unmanned Drone, Homeland Security Concerned

7 years ago by Mitchell Slapik
In February, when the U.S. decided to open the skies to unmanned drones by 2015, people nervously imagined Big Brother tracking them constantly from above. Now that's the least of their worries.  Last week, a team of researchers at University of Texas showed that it's pretty easy to hack -- or "spoof"...

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