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Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter

9 years ago by Robb Walsh
When I wrote about radishes and butter for breakfast recently, a reader called Rad commented "aficionados of this dish are REAL particular about the butter, tending to favor high milkfat butter like Plugra." It doesn't take much to convince me to go buy some expensive butter. I used to buy...

Stages Repertory Theatre Announces its 2019-20 Season With a Touch of Doo-Wop

14 days ago by Houston Press
With a move halfway through the upcoming season to its new home at The Gordy, Stages Repertory Theatre has a packed season ahead of it as evidenced by its release of what's ahead. With everything from its old reliables — Panto and Sister's Catechism — to several new works (two...

Scorpio Rising: Dennis Coffey Gets Funky and Jazzy on Live Record

1 month ago by Bob Ruggiero
It sounded like the greatest theme song to a gritty ‘70s cops-criminals-drugs movie that never came out. But in 1971, guitarist Dennis Coffey’s funky, rocking, slashing instrumental “Scorpio” was a million seller, hitting No. 6 on the Top 40. And it’s one of the few tunes by a white act...

Tales From the Top Shelf: Catch Some Cider With Two Weeks Of Texas Txotx Festivities Starting Tomorrow

2 months ago by Kate McLean
If long fermentation with natural yeasts in wooden casks doesn’t get you warm and fuzzy, drinking out of a porrón definitely will. First, erase the image of sippy-cup sweet, bubbly apple juice, because Basque Country cider is the farthest thing from that baby in a carriage. “High acidity, it’s savory,...

Hallmark's 2018 Holiday Films Reviewed Using Only the Descriptions

3 months ago by Jeff Balke
Once again we are presented with a feast of holiday schmaltz from our good friends at Hallmark. Much like the greeting cards they produce, these flicks are superficially sweet (and totes adorbs) but have a depth that is about the thickness of the flap on the back of a Christmas...

Explore the New Menil Drawing Institute, at the Intersection of Zen and Cool

5 months ago by Susie Tommaney
The late philanthropist and art collector Dominique de Menil had very strong opinions, and wasn't afraid to share them. But were she here to see the unveiling of the new Menil Drawing Institute — the fifth art building on the 30-acre campus — our bets are that she would declare...

Perfect Pairings: 12- Piece Dark at Frenchy's Chicken and a Bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's

7 months ago by Kate McLean
That's right, Mrs. Butterworth's.  Not malt liquor, or champagne, or even the tasty little Austin cider I set out to pair Frenchy's Chicken with.  All of those are good, the first being classic, but this isn't good pairings, it's perfect pairings and if the Houston Press didn't sift through all...

Upcoming Houston Food Events: Go on a Cultural Crawl of Montrose

9 months ago by Brooke Viggiano
Mark your calendars, because you don’t want to miss these deliciously fun culinary happenings: The General Public, 797 Sorella, Suite 118, is teaming up with Saint Arnold Brewing Company to launch a special beer pairing dinner, which will be available for $25 per person on Monday, June 25 through Sunday,...

This Week in Houston Food Events: Celebrate Halfway to Christmas at Axelrad

9 months ago by Brooke Viggiano
Here's a look at this week's hottest culinary happenings: All week long Beer Pairing Menu at The General Public The General Public, 797 Sorella, Suite 118, is teaming up with Saint Arnold Brewing Company to launch a special beer pairing dinner, which will be available for $25 per person from...

Where to Brunch in Houston on Easter Sunday 2018

1 year ago by Brooke Viggiano
Easter is a bunny hop, skip and jump away (it falls on Sunday, April 1) and Houston restaurants are ready to celebrate. From to quick, casual breakfasts and family-friendly brunches featuring the Easter bunny to luxurious multi-course affairs, here’s where to dine on Easter Sunday in Houston this year: Backstreet...

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