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Bob Anderson Channels the Chairman in Sinatra Extravaganza

9 days ago by Bob Ruggiero
Under normal circumstances, assuming the identity of another person is a punishable crime. But for Bob Anderson, transforming himself into Frank Sinatra – physically, vocally, and facially – it’s all in an evening’s work. As video evidence attests, Anderson’s “Frank Sinatra” is scarily accurate. He’ll transport Houston audiences to Caesar’s...

Alley Theatre Teases With a Sneak Peek of Five of Its Shows for the 2019-20 Season

26 days ago by Houston Press
Taking advantage of the suspense that's part of so many successful plays, the Alley Theatre with a nod (whether intended or not) to Jeri Ryan who played the Borg drone Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager, today released its "Five (of Eleven) Productions for the 2019-20 season. An Agatha...

Out of Vietnam

24 years ago by Susan Chadwick
All the world's a sandwich shop. Was it Shakespeare who said that? No matter. Wherever there's bread, there are sandwiches, and here at the cultural crossroads that is Houston we're fortunate to have undersung Vietnamese fast-food shops serving sandwiches. Think of them as a hoagie, a sub, a grinder or...

Best of Houston® 2019: Best Pho

2 months ago by Houston Press
Best Pho: Saigon House Pho restaurants and restaurants that sell Vietnam’s famous beef noodle soup are not only ubiquitous in Houston, but are also, on the whole, very good. So much so that to compete, restaurateurs and chefs are constantly upping their game with better recipes and better quality ingredients...

Alien Hunter Derrel Sims Keynotes Houston's First Skydancer UFO Con

2 months ago by Susie Tommaney
Alien Hunter Derrel Sims tells us that, if you've been kidnapped by aliens, chances are one of your family members has also been snatched. "You're not special or unique; none of this weird stuff. They're interested in your lineage," he explains. Sims says that as a child he was abducted...

On the Basis of Sex Shrewdly Makes RBG Into a Feminist Jimmy Stewart

3 months ago by Alan Scherstuhl
Leder’s film mostly devotes itself to the future Supreme Court justice’s first world-shaking sex discrimination case, 1972’s Moritz v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue: Ginsburg and her husband ... argued against a discriminatory statute before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals

Houston Public Media Adds Greater Depth to The Vietnam War

2 years ago by Cory Garcia
Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's new series, The Vietnam War, may be their most important work yet, and Houston Public Media TV 8 has created a variety of supplemental programming to air along with it.

Openings and Closings: Hank's Crab Shack is Coming, Gyro King is Here

3 months ago by Lorretta Ruggiero
Hank's Crab Shack, 1955 North Fry, is shooting for a mid-January opening, just in time for crawfish season. The family-owned company also operates four other Hank's restaurants including Hank's Cajun Crawfish in Bellaire and Hank's Cajun Grill and Oyster Bar on Westheimer. The Vu family emigrated from Vietnam in 1979...

The Wonton Soup at Vietnam

9 years ago by Kevin Shalin
With temps falling, I've had soup on the brain lately. I recently headed over to Vietnam Restaurant (605 W. 19th Street) for some wonton soup. You'd be hard-pressed to find better in the city. The beauty is in the simplistic approach the good people at Vietnam take to soup preparation...

Asia Society Texas Center's Gift to the City: Free Admission This December

4 months ago by Susie Tommaney
Make a list of everybody who has had an impact on your life: the third grade teacher who jumpstarted your fascination with science, the bully who made you vow to never be a victim again, the relationship that opened your eyes to a whole different way of thinking. Multimedia artist...

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